It’s That Time of Year Again

December 7, 2012 | Comments

Usually I bring a textbook with me on the train to study from but today I had only one lecture and I definitely forgot to bring one. So I decided it would be good to write a blog post for once because I really do miss writing these things. Christmas is indeed in the air! Last week in the food court on campus, Christmas carols were playing and a Santa was walking around asking for donations for some charity.

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New Layout and Some Other Things

July 26, 2012 | Comments

Yes, after a couple of months, I’m somewhat back! And with a new layout as well. I rather like this one more than the previous one. They were both still extremely simple, but I’m not a talented designer. I just like writing a lot (I think). With Brokenphrases, I wanted the layouts to be similar to each other. As in, using certain elements (in this case, the logo and the broken two-coloured circle) but with a different structure.

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I Remember You

April 24, 2012 | Comments

I meant to post last on the 15th but I just couldn’t. I didn’t feel like I should blog. It just didn’t feel right to do so. Even now, I’m not so comfortable posting this but I just need to get it out, which is why it’s private. Only three people have the password to my private posts so I guess it’s not that bad. On the 15th I received a text from a friend asking about our mutual friend, T.

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Happy Easter!

April 8, 2012 | Comments

Lent is finally over. :) My journey with no interent was… Not very successful but I managed to go by with minimal (emphasis on minimal) internet. I mostly dedicated myself to YouTube on the “play all” function so that was interesting. It’s weird because I had the strongest urge to blog throughout the forty days. Very odd, I thought I would just forget about it but it wasn’t the case at all.

You Know What Happens When You Dance

December 31, 2011 | Comments

Yesterday was my birthday. Yay birthdays! I’m now the golden age of 17 (this means I have to change all my ages on my websites, ack)! I kinda don’t feel any different (no one ever does, am I right?), not to mention that 17 is a weird number. I guess it’s because it’s odd. But 21 and 23 aren’t that weird of numbers either. I guess 17 is weird because it’s that age that’s in between.

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