Life Is Strange: The Tragedy of Rachel Amber

February 5, 2018 | Comments

Warning: Spoilers for both Life is Strange Season 1 and *Life is Strange: Before the Storm* In Life is Strange Season 1, Racher Amber is a mystery. If you walk around and talk to the locals, everyone (including those with less than stellar personalities) has nothing to say but praises about Rachel. Throughout the game, Rachel is built up to be perfect to everyone you speak to. The artists loved to try to capture her essence, the nerds enjoyed her intellectual prowess, and the popular kids enjoyed partying it up with her.

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One Hour of Path of Exile as a Non-Gamer

February 26, 2017 | Comments

Now I know that one hour is not enough to fully judge a game, especially for an online game which is supposed to be an extremely huge time sink. However, being someone who is not exactly the ideal demographic for this genre (I prefer turn based games like Fire Emblem, walking simulators like Life is Strange, open sandboxes like Minecraft, and RPGs like Mass Effect), one hour is just enough for me to have an idea of whether or not I would like the game.

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Xbox One Media Briefing 2013

June 10, 2013 | Comments

So I started this post with me sitting in my office with Wheat Thins in hand, waiting for the Microsoft Press Conference to start via Twitch. The sound was clear, virtually no lag (unless I decided to open a gazillion tabs), and pretty good quality for just 360p. I never realized how huge E3 is. The venue for the Microsoft Press Conference is flipping huge. Seeing the crowd and the green glow absolutely sets the atmosphere.

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E3 2013: Things I’m Looking Forward To

June 10, 2013 | Comments

While I can’t say I’m a huge gamer, I game enough to be excited about E3 that’s starting tomorrow. There is a ton of stuff that are coming out that will hopefully be super crazy due to the next gen consoles that are coming this year. So, here’s what I’ll be keeping my eyes glued to the screen on over the next few days. PS4 Console They showed us the controller, they showed us the features, and they showed us the games.

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I Don’t Know

November 21, 2012 | Comments

I’ve been really unmotivated lately. I should be busy with school, but I really am not. Little things keep on discouraging me and causes me to lose sight of the end goal. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I keep telling myself, “This is your future at stake! Do you really want to be working 2 or 3 part time jobs?” But even so, it does nothing. I’m at the point where I seriously think, even for a second, to hell with society.

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