Long Weekend Penguins and Hacks

February 25, 2018 | Comments

Last week was the start of Reading Week. Reading Week is basically my university’s version of “midterm break” where we have a week off. I don’t have classes on Friday so my Reading Week started early. Penguins On Friday, my boyfriend and I went to the zoo. We really wanted to see the penguins and the red pandas. Every day, the penguins take a walk around the zoo. It was adorable.

Vietnamese Food and Westworld

January 8, 2017 | Comments

Yesterday I went out with my SO for Vietnamese food. There’s a decently sized restaurant called Bow River Vietnamese Restaurant that’s close by his house. I regret not taking pictures but their deep fried wontons were delicious. It had a good amount of meat and perfect crunchy crust. The sauce they provided it with was good as well. For myself, I ordered a regular beef noodle soup. In the soup was tripe, brisket, and beef balls in it.

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Tumblr Post: Lunch Food

August 18, 2015 | Comments

Disclaimer: This is a cross post from my Tumblr blog, Study, Scattered Me!. As well, any products mentioned in this post are not in any way sponsored (unless stated) and my views on those products are my own. Lunch break with cantaloupes and warm pandesal with cheese. I usually don’t like eating at my desk when it comes to breads, especially crumbly breads like pandesal but I was totally craving it.






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