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Day 1 of #100DaysToOffload

Ireally quite enjoy partaking in witchy occult things like tarot cards. I know it's quite silly and some people would look down on me for it but I don't care! I find it fun and I don't take it too seriously.

For a number of years I've been drawing daily cards. It's a nice way to start the day and it's become a ritual. I went through my 2021 journal and tallied up all the different cards I drew (I drew 317 days out of 365) and came up with some stats.

The deck I use is the official Homestuck Tarot Card deck. I have fallen out of the Homestuck fandom quite a while ago but I still have a lot of fondness for the comic and for these tarot cards.

Top 4 Cards

1. Queen of Cups (10 times, 5 times upright and 5 times reversed)

Queen of Cups is a card that I associate with compassion for others (upright) and self-compassion (reversed).

2. Knight of Cups (9 times, 6 times upright and 3 times reversed)

This is the creativity card for me. Others also see it as a romantic love card. I mostly interpret it as creativity, though.

3. Six of Cups (9 times, 7 times upright and 2 times reversed)

Apparently I've gotten this card many times but I don't recall it at all without having to look it up. This is a childlike card or brings up memories of childhood or the past. Upright it's mostly a positive card.

4. The Empress (9 times, 5 times upright and 4 times reversed)

This is one of my favourite cards in the Homestuck deck. It features one of the troll characters, a mer--troll Feferi. She is not necessarily one of my favourite characters but I adore her design in the comic and on this card. It's a beautiful card! 

In terms of meaning, The Empress is a very feminine card. It exudes beauty, elegance, and the nurturing nature of a woman.

Least Drawn Card

1. The Sun

I did not draw The Sun, not even once. It's another favourite card of mine in this deck which is a pity. It radiates the light of life, warmth, and success. Maybe that meant my 2021 wasn't as much of a success as I wished it could have been, hah.

The Suits from Most to Least Drawn

1. Major Arcana Cards (85 times)

This is quite obvious. The Major Arcana cards account for 22 cards in the deck whereas each suit is only 14 cards each.

2. Cups (75 times)

This is a very emotional suit, usually has to do with feelings, love, and relationships.

3. Swords (59 times)

My least favourite suit. I mostly associate it with negativity. Most cards I draw from this suit have to do with anxiety and negative beliefs or thoughts.

4. Wands (54 times)

I enjoy this suit. Deals with passion, creativity, and ambition.

5. Pentacles (42 times)

Pentacles AKA coins. Mostly deals with wealth, finances, and self image.

Top Upright Cards

1. Three of Swords (7 times)

One of my least favourite cards. The best known tarot deck (the Ride-Waite deck) shows a heart pieced with three swords. The deck I have shows basically the same imagery, however a character, Eridan, is shown holding one sword that goes through the heart. It's a grief card, a card of loss and betrayal.

2. Six of Cups (7 times)

I feel like I should remember this card more, but alas.

Top Reversed Cards

1. King of Swords Reversed (6 times)

Manipulation. Power. Stuck in your beliefs. Stubbornness. Not a positive card but reversed cards are rarely known for their positivity.

2. Five of Cups Reversed (6 times)

The card of moving on. Forgive and forget. Overcoming setbacks. Mostly a neutral card as it shows overcoming something but it means that there is an obstacle that must be overcome in the first place.

Cards I Drew Reversed More than Upright

1. King of Swords (6 Reversed vs 0 Upright)

Upright, the card is still quite negative. Failures. Setbacks. Fixed attitudes. Similar, but different.

2. Knight of Swords (4 Reversed vs 2 Upright)

I like to call this the gotta go fast card. Upright it warns of the things that happens when it is reversed: burn out, restlessness, impulsivity, etc.

3. Five of Cups (6 Reversed vs 2 Upright)

The moving on card appears once more. I must have ignored trying to move on several times in 2021.

Cards I Drew Upright More than Reversed

Quite honestly, this was most of the cards (186 cards were upright compared to 129 cards reversed). So I will skip this section for now. At face value, you can maybe interpret this as more positive cards than negative cards. But not all upright cards are necessarily positive.

Cards I Drew Upright and Reversed Equally

There are quite a few so I will only go over the ones that have prominent numbers.

1. Queen of Cups (5 times upright and reversed)

Seems like compassion was the theme of this year.

2. Justice (4 times upright and reversed)

The karma card. What goes up must come down. I find this to be a very neutral card. Very fitting that it is balanced between upright and reversed. Gives the image of the scales of justice.

Cards I Drew Only Once

1. Ace of Cups

2. Two of Cups

3. Ace of Swords

4. Six of Swords

5. Eight of Swords

6. Four of Pentacles

7. King of Pentacles

8. Eight of Wands

9. The Tower


I am a huge stats nerd so looking at this summary was quite fun for me. Honestly, I think tarot is more about my shuffling skills and "randomness" than actual witchy occult forces. But as I've said before, I enjoy it as a little hobby.

My Homestuck Tarot deck has been on it's last legs lately. I took part in a Kickstarter for a new tarot deck but there's been a lot of delays in production due to the pandemic. We'll see when it arrives but for now, I'll be trucking on with Homestuck!

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