2021 Week #1

Jan 9, 2021

Day 9 of 100 Days to Offload

At the end of every week we do a retrospective at work. We go over what happened over the week and then see what could be done better and what we should keep doing. I think it would be good to do something similar but on a personal level.

Zuko Picture of the Week

My black cat, Zuko, lounging on his pillow

What Happened

  • Started work back up again
  • The riots at the U.S. Capitol happened on Wednesday
  • I started looking into learning Japanese again, in earnest (I say that all the time)

My Japanese doodles

  • My focus on work slowly waned by the end of the week
  • I cooked all of my meals (except for today… oops)

Super easy meatloaf with cheddar chive mashed potatoes

  • I started work at 8:00 am instead of my usual 9:00 am
  • Received my birthday gift from my friends, a record player!

An audio-technica

  • Received my other birthday gift from Mike, Rage Against the Machine’s Evil Empire and my favourite My Chemical Romance Album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Evil Empire and Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge records

What I Could Do Better

  • Don’t get too wrapped up in current events during the middle of the work day, I got into a mild derealization anxiety episode while listening to the news in the background. Turn off the livestreams!
  • Don’t open the web browser during work hours. I get distracted too much on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Start the day out with an intention, that way I’m not bored looking for something to do

2021 Goals Review

  • Lose weight
    • Been doing body weight exercises every day, just starting off with five minutes a day but even that is difficult. I was sore for four days after my first session! Wild
    • Less eating out! Woo!
  • Read more
    • Was reading The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead but I stopped. I need to pick it up again
  • Eat out less
    • Goal is eating out only two times a month. Used my first time today eating Five Guys
  • Save money
    • Added some things to my wish list instead of buying them out right
  • Waste less time
    • Started out doing a lot of pomodoros in the week but slowly stopped. Need a better way of doing them, I think.
    • Today flew by… But I think the rest of the week was pretty good with accomplishing at least something

This Week’s Tunes (by playcount)

Top Songs

  2. 砂上、燃ユ。残像 by downy
  3. Excuse Me by AOA
  4. Young Buck by Braids
  5. Maria by Hwa Sa

Top Albums

  2. Tierra by L’Arc~en~Ciel
  4. Shadow Offering by Braids
  5. Maria by Hwa Sa

Top Artists

  1. L’Arc~en~Ciel
  2. Coheed and Cambria
  4. tricot
  5. downy