24 Years Old

Dec 30, 2018

Today I turn 24 years old. I know I’m still pretty young (I’m constantly reminded how young I am at work) but I’m not getting any younger. Only older. The other day I was looking at myself in the mirror. I’m getting laugh lines and forehead wrinkles! I try not to be vain because looks are never forever but it really hit me then that I am old.

And it’s just not me who is getting old. When I go visit bloggers that I used to look up to, I’m surprised at their age! But I’m also in awe. How awesome it is to have been blogging for such a long time.

My first blog post was in 2007. That was 11 years ago! I started blogging when I was 12. That is half my life! I have been blogging for half my life.

It’s a little weird to see how open I was in my older blog posts. Those days I blogged under a username. When I started with my first domain, I didn’t promote it and even though I used my extremely uncommon name, I still had a sense of anonymity. Now that I am under edelgrace.me I feel a little more exposed. I am tempted to go back to one of my old domains for blogging. I miss being able to just write and not worry about who reads.

Of course, I don’t want to write about anything that would possibly bite me back in the butt. But somehow it doesn’t feel appropriate to write about anything that isn’t books reviews and crafts. I want to write about personal things.

I think I might have just persuaded myself to revive one of my domains.

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