Block Week

Jan 2, 2018

I went back to school today. It’s a little weird to be back at school but also familiar. This semester is going to be a light one. I’m only taking two courses. One course is only five days long. So essentially I just have one course throughout the semester!

The block week course I’m taking right now is just a history course but it’s really interesting. I’ve always found history fascinating but I was never great at being tested on or writing about history. I just like listening to a story, basically. The assignments are a little grueling, we have to write 1000 words each day. 1000 words is a lot to me. At least so I thought and then I realized I went over the word limit for today. I’ll cut it down later.

My professor is pretty awesome. He has a wealth of information that just comes out so easily and eloquently. He’s funny to boot. He made a Downton Abbey reference which I appreciated. Over the Christmas break I took the opportunity to finish all of Downton Abbey. Today’s lecture really put into perspective all of the crazy titles some of the characters have. It’s kinda crazy to think that the titles were still relevant all the way into the 1930’s!

Hopefully I survive the rest of the week. 6 hour days will never cease to be brutal for me…

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