13 Resolutions for 2013

Jan 2, 2013

A new year, a new set of resolutions, probably another year where said resolutions are never fulfilled. But it doesn’t hurt to at least dream, yeah? Usually most people do these resolution posts on the first day of the year, but I do mine second! No, I was busy with the opening of my new blog, go check it out. On with the post!

1. Post more

I hate how this has to be a resolution, but yes, I want to post more. Mostly for my sanity and to make sure that the money I spend on domains are actually worth it (broke university student is broke, I need a job). Plus, I want to look back on my blogs and read my posts and reminisce because I like reminiscing.

2. Catch up on my book log, at least a little

In my last blog post, one of my goals for the Christmas break was to catch on my book log, Room 304. My total goal for this year is to add 200 hundred more books to the database.

3. Spend only an hour per week on Tumblr

Last week I spent 3 hours on Tumblr, which is AMAZING compared to my all time record of 12 hours of Tumblr during a school week. I’m a bit ashamed of that statistic. I’ve been trying to post less and browse less so hopefully that 3 hours will dwindle down to less than an hour soon! So far, it’s Wednesday and I’ve already spent 1 hour on Tumblr, but some of this week wasn’t 2013 so I’ll let that slide. But no more Tumblr for the rest of the week!

4. Don’t gain weight/lose more than 5 pounds

Most of my days are spent sitting around “doing” school work or trying to get ahead in programming languages. As you can guess, the pounds have been adding up. I’m short so even gaining a pound shows (unfortunately). I want to stay the weight I am now, but if I start unintentionally losing weight (haha that’s funny), I don’t want to lose too much weight. Five pounds sounds like a good number.

5. Don’t skip any lectures

Last semester I spent a lot of time “rearranging” lecture time to work on labs or projects (ENGG 200/design was a pain in the butt) or studying for mid-terms. I shouldn’t have done that but the temptation is too great. Especially when you find yourself sitting in a lecture that should have 200+ students but only 3 rows of seats are filled and the professor isn’t making any sense.

6. Stop doing assignments the day before

I’m so guilty of doing this. Last semester a lot of my assignments were due either on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. As a result, a lot of procrastination was done. I need to get out of this habit and quick.

8. Be productive during reading week

Reading week is a “week”/period preceding examinations according to Wikipedia. Last semester, reading week came along and I was so pumped. “I’m going to do so much studying and do all of my homework!” Did it happen? Nope.

9. Actually finish some reading challenges

Click here and look at my pitiful attempt at all of those reading challenges. I want to read a lot of books in 2012 but nope, that didn’t happen. I’m only doing 2 challenges this year, the A-Z challenge and to read 100 books (manga and novels).

10. Make something for GitHub

I made a GitHub account but it’s very empty and lonely. I need something to work on as a side project. I just want something there.

11. Keep in touch with my spiritual side

In light of all of the crazy things going around me, I want to always keep in mind of the bigger (spiritual) picture. It’s so easy to lose focus. Admittedly, I haven’t been the most “Catholic” person ever but I hope that will change.

12. 3.0 GPA for this semester

If other people can do it, so can I! I’m aiming for the 3.0. It will come. IT WILL. No longer shall I be dangerously tip toeing the line between passing and failing!

13. Get a summer job

This is the most important one. I have no volunteer (unless altar serving counts) or work experience. How awful would that look if it stayed that way until I graduated? I need a summer job. Thank goodness summer is so long (four months, thank you so much). Hopefully I can actually find a job with my lack of experience…