2014 FS Worlds Liveblogging Part1

Apr 6, 2014

Okay, for two weeks I told myself that I would watch the Worlds for figure skating but now I have some time to watch some of it. In typical “me-fashion” these posts are purely for my own enjoyment (that is the philosophy of this blog anyway sp yes, I am extremely vain!). I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT FIGURE SKATING. I just enjoy watching it. Read on if you dare!

Opening ceremony

Okay, I love the little figure skating girls! And I’m so sorry, but as they were doing the flag bit, I couldn’t help but think “that is how you use props, Adelina.” I’m so sorry… I like her but that just sprung into my mind…

Pairs Short Program

Wow, I picked a stream with absolutely no commentary. This is a little bit discomforting. Weird. Now I don’t know if something was truly “bad” or “good” in terms of how stuff should actually be done. Also, wow I can see their current score? This actually makes me so anxious.

But seriously, watching that score makes me nervous wow.

Austria (Miriam Ziegler and Severin Kiefer)

A bit slow at the end. They looked so disappointed when they were done though. Aweh, don’t frown, I enjoyed it!!

Great Britain (Amani Fancy and Christopher Boyadji)

I wish my last name was Fancy. Also, Fancy is 16 years old?? Whaaat?? Awehh Fancy, it’s okay that you missed that landing. Aweh, oh no I feel so bad! They way Fancy twirled down after that lift though, wow. That was beautiful. Happy birthday to that girl they mentioned.

Ukraine (Julia Lavrentieva and Yuri Rudyk)

Aweh, it looked like Lavrentieva made a two foot landing. Still looked impressive though. I hate it when skaters make mistakes early in their program because I don’t want them to worry too much and let it affect the rest of it. Kudos to the skaters who can overcome but it makes me worried too! Not sure if I’m digging their music a whole lot.

Is it just me or did the three first pairs have the same coach or something?? The dude(s?) who greeted all three of them look the same. Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention, lol.

Also, is this The Fray playing in the background? Lol what.

Omg no, I know this is the kiss and cry but nooo, please don’t cry!

Ahhh it’s the warm up and the 12 of the US pair just fell. Nooo don’t let it affect you, Zhang, noooo.

Aaaand now they’re playing Marianas Trench. Who picked this playlist?? Japan, please.

Germany (Maylin Wende and Daniel Wende)

Aweeh are they married?? Or siblings??1 Digging their song choice. Holy shoes, that lift was beautiful. And Maylin almost fell on that toss (throw?? I wonder what the real term is), but she saved it. You go girl! Spins are usually my favourite part about figure skating and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to how slow pairs are at those spins. And ommmg he kissed her when they finished. Awehhh. Now that is a ship I won’t feel guilty for shipping. Ommmg in the K and C, Maylin just made the cutest gesture.

USA (Felicia Zhang and Nathan Bartholomay)

Omg I’m so digging their song choice. Loving their speed. That toss flip thing was pretty fast as well. Gosh, that must take a whole lot of trust. And yeeah Zhang landed that jump. And the second one too. Also, I heard someone yell “YEAH!!!” in the stands, LOL. Omg, she’s soo cute.

Seriously, what is with this playlist playing in between each skate??

Wait, did they just lower their score from 35 to 33? Ouch.

Also, the dude that greeted them. Totally hot. Just saying.

Italy (Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise)

The Japanese announcer said “Italy” in Japanese and I was so confused like “what does Hetalia (the anime) have to do with figure skating?” but then I remembered Hetalia is Italy in Japanese. I am seriously so ashamed right now. Loving their musicality so far. Ouch, that landing on the toss wasn’t A+. Oh no, a touch down on that jump. That costume on Guarise is not flattering at all. Costume designers, what are you doing??

Russia (Julia Antipova and Nodari Maisuradze)

Gooooo Russia. Antipova looks so darling and cute!! I love her costume too. She looks so tiny compared to Maisuradze! Omg. I can’t stop thinking about how tiny she is. I mean, she is 16 but Fancy is 16 too but Fancy isn’t as tiny as her. How werid is it for these 20-something guys to dance with 16 year old girls? Omg her Russian is great though.

Okay, I approve of them playing Panic! at the Disco. All the other music choices are iffy.

Japan (Narumi Takahashi and Ryuichi Kihara)

Oh no, they’re both soooo cute. Also, what?? Takahashi is 22 and Kihara 21?? Noooo way. She looks so young! They both look so young! Not a fan of Kihara’s outfit. Once again, costume designers, please. Ouch, only a 2.80 so far? Wait, it bumped up to 6.00. Still. Ouch. I’m loving their step-ish sequence part (I don’t know what it’s called, I don’t know what most things are called, I’m so sorry). Also, yesss. Loving their speed on their spins. Omg Ryuichi is sooo cute.

Belruse (Maria Paliakova and Nikita Bochkov)

Holy buff. Bochkov looks so buff and muscular. Or maybe it’s because male figure skaters just look too skinny. Loving Paliakova’s costume. Bochkov’s? Not so much. These poor men. Omg they’re both really cute, too. Omggg. What a beautiful language they’re speaking! Bochkov is too adorable in the Kiss and Cry.

Estonia (Natalja Zabijako and Alexandr Zaboev)

Zaboev’s hair is to die for. Why is it that these girls who are over 20 totally do not look like they’re over 20?? Loving Zabijako’s costume though. Also, wow, that spin toss thing. Wow. Pretty. The music choice is so fun. And ahhh they looked so synchronized in their jump. Wow, I’m so loving this program so far. Sad their technical score isn’t 100% great. Aweh. I’m hoping for a 50 from this pair. Aweh, 46.11 is still good!

Bulgaria (Elizaveta Makarova and Leri Kenchadze)

Wow, Kenchadze is smoking. Loving the song choice. So spicy. So high energy.

Aaaand my stream stopped working2. I guess that means I should start working on my homework. Ugh, waiting for Hanyu is sheer tortue.

  • Nope, they’re married. How. Cute.  
  • 1:34, remember that, future me!  
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