Spotify No Longer Scrobbles Local Files

Jan 24, 2019

Spotify 'Cares' confirms local file scrobbling is no longer a thing

If you know me, I am obsessive with stats and numbers. I keep track of my music listening on However, the last time I checked my profile, I noticed that Spotify wasn’t tracking my listens correctly. I combined my personal library that I’ve curated over the years (over 3,000 songs of mostly Japanese music) with the songs I’ve saved in the Spotify catalogue. I was so willing to use Spotify because it allowed me to scrobble all the songs from both of my libraries.

Needless to say, I am completely disappointed that Spotify made this move. The integration has slowly been getting worse release after release. I’m hoping that there will be a third party plugin that will enable me to scrobble my local files but I’m not optimistic.

So, I’ve been looking for an alternative. Unforunately, Spotify probably has the best music catalogue out there. As a Premium subscriber, I thankfully have the ability to use some of Spotify features to my advantage.

Before Spotify, I used foobar2000 as my music player. I learned that it’s possible to stream Spotify songs using the URI if you have Spotify Premium with a plugin called [foo_input_spotify](). I copy pasted all the URIs in my library and spun up a quick Python script to import the songs into foobar.

foobar2000 has excellent support so I was able to go back to scrobbling my local files and Spotify songs at the same time. The real kicker though is that I no longer have to deal with Spotify’s crappy shuffle algorithms that only shuffle the first 100 songs in my playlists of 2,000+ songs.

So, I’ll be listening to music on foobar2000 from now on when I’m on my desktop. I still haven’t found an alternative for mobile. I might be stuck listening to Spotify’s catalogue or resurrecting my iPod to listen to my local files.

I highly miss the ability to showcase all the songs I listen to on Discord though. No one really cares or even looks at it but it just brings back a lot of MSN day vibes. Oh well. I want my scrobbles.

My sweet custom foobar2000 layout that I haven't updated in years

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