February 2021 in Review

Mar 1, 2021


  • Moved into a new unit!

Hours on Phone

Hours on Phone

For the first two weeks of moving into my new place, I did not have Internet. So I relied a lot on my phone, which explains the high numbers at the beginning of the month. Also, whenever my parents visit, there is a spike in phone usage. Oops.

Top 10 Artists

  1. Mashrou’ Leila
  2. Capsule
  4. L’Arc~en~Ciel
  5. CL
  6. Metric
  7. downy
  8. Mitski
  9. FKA twigs
  10. Alexisonfire

Another nostalgia month. MAMAMOO is really the only “new” artist here.

Top 10 Albums

  1. Ibn El Leil by Mashrou’ Leila

    I’ve raved so much about this album on every corner of my Internet. Here’s my post about it.

  2. The Beirut School by Mashrou’ Leila

    This is a great look back at the last 10 years of Mashrou’ Leila. I initially dismissed this since it was largely a compilation album but I totally missed that there were a couple new songs on it. Radio Romance is my latest fave.

  3. 第七作品集『無題』 by downy

    downy’s latest album is still on rotation from last month!

  4. Bury Me at Makeout Creek by Mitski

    An indie rock classic imo. I love it. Mitski is a great storyteller. I love it.

  5. Art of Doubt by Metric

    This album got me through 2019. A lot of themes that really resonated with me on this album. I always love Emily Haines.

  6. Travel by MAMAMOO

    A really fun EP! CHUCK and Aya are realllly the only two songs I like off of it. But I listen to them enough that this ranks high on the list, haha.

  7. Lush by Snail Mail

    I love Snail Mail’s youthful voice. The genuineness of the album just speaks to me.

  8. Don’t Judge Me by FKA twigs

    FKA twigs is a musical genius. I love her. She makes amazing music. And the music video was very creative. A true artist.

  9. PLAYER by Capsule

    A classic Yasutaka Nakata creation. I was really obsessed with Capsule back in like 2014. This album is still pretty good.

  10. BUTTERFLY by L’Arc~en~Ciel

    I slept on this album when it came out. When I listen to it now, I realize it’s actually not that out of place in L’Arc~en~Ciel’s discography. It’s not bad. Not amazing either. I wouldn’t skip on any of it though.

Top 10 Songs

  1. Icarus by Mashrou’ Leila
  2. Don’t Judge Me by FKA twigs
  3. Maghawir by Mashrou’ Leila
  4. 砂上、燃ユ。残像 by downy
  5. Chuck by MAMAMOO
  6. Modal Shanghai by plasterbrain
  7. Radio Romance by Mashrou’ Leila
  9. Aoede by Mashrou’ Leila
  10. SPIT IT OUT by Solar


February 2021 Spending

Got my bonus this month and that’s the main reason why my savings is so high. I put most of it into my TFSA and RRSP. I ate out way too much this week. I spent around as much eating out as I did therapy… Therapy is expensive. I need to rethink that.

Books Read

I read a bunch of manga that I don’t care to list out, not that I would remember their names. But woo, manga.


February was tough. Moving out was really tough and a drain on my bank. I’m hoping to start March fresh.

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