2021 Week #19

May 23, 2021

Day 25 of 100 Days to Offload

Zuko Picture of the Week

My black cat stretched across his cat tree, one arm hanging over, paw flexed, eyes closed

What Happened

  • I got sick this week and got myself swabbed for COVID-19. Negative! Thank goodness. Had to take some days off though, not fun.

  • Got a new vinyl record! The Death Note soundtrack. It’s a banger every time.

  • It’s another F1 race week! Everyone was surprised at Hamilton not make pole. It was quite an exciting race for Monaco.

  • Made some progress with my Habitica character! I am now level 29 and I managed to get a Shade Tiger mount. My next goal is to get my Blue Cotton Candy Dragon up to a mount!

Goals Review

  • Lose weight
    • I only ordered out once, thankfully. Less than my usual two to three times a week.
  • Read more
    • I finished reading The Wife Between Us which was better than I expected.
    • Started reading Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. I like it so far. Honestly, I was pretty hyped for this book and have been slightly underwhelmed by it.
  • Waste less time
    • Being sick has been not great for my productivity. Spent a lot of time napping. But I’m rebounding well.

This Week’s Tunes by Playcount

Top Tracks

  1. Hatsukoi –my first love- ft. HANA by am8
  2. Diamonds by RHYMESTER, KIRINJI
  3. 死ぬのがいいわ by Fuji Kaze
  4. UNREAL by Seiho
  5. No Sun (toe remix) by KID FRESINO (+1)
  6. Lament moment by Sokoninaru
  7. Oiran II by Meitei
  8. About You by Daichi Miura
  9. Beautiful Wasted Melody (feat. ラブリーサマーちゃん) by yuma yamaguchi
  10. A-L-I-E-N by Maximum the Hormone

A lot of fresh tracks this week! My Discover Weekly Spotify playlist has been giving me a lot of bangers lately.

Hatsukoi is an English version of the same song. I really like both versions but more than anything, I’m so interested in HANA. It’s so hard to find official information on her but she’s featured on a ton of songs. It seems that she’s a Japanese model but she doesn’t look 100% Japanese. Her fluent English in this song shocked me. I want to know more about her!

Diamonds is a fun song, as expected from KIRINJI. I did a quick search through my library and was surprised that I don’t actually have any other KIRINJI songs? I thought I did… Huh.

Okay, there was a lot of hype around Fuji Kaze and I couldn’t quite figure it out. I can’t look at his face for too long, I get irritated for some reason but he does make some good music. I really dig 死ぬのがいいわ.

Saw some talk about Seiho on Arama Japan. They came out with an Amazon music documentary and I was really intrigued by their music. They seem to be quite an innovative producer on the Japanese scene, at least. I dig their vibe. Very funky. Has an R&B twist for sure. They have a track with KID FRESINO and it’s pretty good!

The rest of the new songs aren’t actually too remarkable but I still dig them nonetheless.

Top Albums

  1. 第七作品集『無題』 by downy (~)
  2. Hatsukoi –my first love- by am8
  3. ダンサブル by RHYMESTER
  4. HELP EVER HURT NEVER by Fuji Kaze
  5. UNREAL by Seiho
  6. 20,Stop it. by KID FRESINO
  7. Backwards by Daichi Miura
  8. 超越 by Sokoninaru
  9. 予襲復讐 by Maximum the Hormone
  10. One Last Kiss by Utada Hikaru

Surprised downy is hanging onto first place, still!

Top Artists

  1. downy (~)
  2. am8
  4. 宇多田ヒカル (~)
  5. Mashrou’ Leila (-2)
  6. Fuji Kaze
  7. Seiho
  8. Daichi Miura
  10. L’Arc~en~Ciel (-8)

Still managed to listen to a lot of Laruku and Mashrou’ this week, haha.

My ATM Playlist

Removed a couple of stale songs, most notably Egotistic by MAMAMOO and Roxanne by The Police. Added a couple of bangers from this week’s Discover Weekly as well. I think this playlist also explains why Mashrou’ Leila still appeared in this week’s charts.

  • One Last Kiss by Utada Hikaru (~)
  • About You by Daichi Miura (~)
  • Life by YUI (~)
  • Wish You Were Here by CL (~)
  • Satisifed by The Hamilton Cast (~)
  • STAR by BiSH (~)
  • My Taste (ft. ZICO) by dress, sogumm (~)
  • 美しい顔 by Asako Toki (~)
  • No Sun - toe Remix by KID FRESINO (~)
  • Rolling Stone by JMSN (~)
  • Remember When by Chevelle (~)
  • 砂上、燃ユ。残像 by downy
  • Oiran II by Meitei
  • Roman by Mashrou’ Leila
  • Cavalry by Mashrou’ Leila
  • Hatsukoi -my first love- ft. HANA by am8
  • 死ぬのがいいわ by Fuji kaze
  • Diamonds by RHYMESTER, KIRINJI
  • UNREAL by Seiho
  • NICE OUT by Kilo Kish