2021 Week #20

May 30, 2021

Day 28 of 100 Days to Offload

Zuko Picture of the Week

My black cat lying on the bed, front paws stretched out and back legs stretched out

What Happened

  • I got my first dose of the vaccine! Got the Pfizer this morning and nothing but a sore arm right now.

  • I accomplished getting a Blue Cotton Candy Dragon up to a mount in Habitica!

  • Week 2 of sock knitting classes!

  • My neighbours have been fighting from like 2-4AM lately, it’s exhausting me. It got so bad at one point that I called the cops, it was getting physical.

Goals Review

  • Lose weight
    • I’ve gained weight. I can’t stop eating.
  • Read more
    • Still reading The Goldfinch. I don’t know where it’s going but I like it.
  • Waste less time
    • I’ve been sleeping more last week.

This Week’s Tunes by Playcount

Top Tracks

  2. Rolling Stone by JMSN
  3. One Last Kiss by Utada Hikaru
  4. UNREAL by Seiho (~)
  5. No Sun (toe remix) by KID FRESINO (~)
  6. Diamonds by RHYMESTER
  7. Hatsukoi –my first love- ft. HANA by am8 (-6)
  8. My Taste ft. ZICO by dress, sogumm
  9. 死ぬのがいいわ by Fuji Kaze (-6)
  10. Oiran II by Meitei (-3)

I’ve been listening to TAEMIN’s ADVICE a lot but I’ve been actively holding back because it’s so good and I don’t want to get sick of it. So I’ve been listening to CRIMINAL instead, another really great song of his. It’s a lot more seductive than ADVICE.

Top Albums

  2. Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1 by TAEMIN
  3. Rolling Stone by JMSN
  4. One Last Kiss by Utada Hikaru (+6)
  5. UNREAL by Seiho (~)
  6. Have One on Me by Joanna Newsom
  7. ダンサブル by RHYMESTER (-4)
  8. 20,Stop it. by KID FRESINO (-2)
  9. My Taste by dress, sogumm
  10. Hatsukoi –my first love- by am8 (-8)

Top Artists

  1. HYDE
  2. Joanna Newsom
  4. CL
  5. JMSN
  6. 宇多田ヒカル (-2)
  7. Seiho (~)
  8. dress, sogumm
  9. am8 (-7)
  10. RHYMESTER (-7)

My ATM Playlist

Removed a couple of songs. Obviously had to add TAEMIN’s CRIMINAL to the playlist, it’s been so good. I rediscovered KAZINO by BIBI. It’s a pretty catchy song and I love the trap kind of beat. Grow by MUNA is also really good. It’s a little sad and sounds so familiar but I can’t put my finger on it.

  • One Last Kiss by Utada Hikaru (~)
  • Life by YUI (~)
  • Wish You Were Here by CL (~)
  • My Taste (ft. ZICO) by dress, sogumm (~)
  • No Sun - toe Remix by KID FRESINO (~)
  • Rolling Stone by JMSN (~)
  • Oiran II by Meitei (~)
  • Hatsukoi -my first love- ft. HANA by am8 (~)
  • 死ぬのがいいわ by Fuji kaze (~)
  • Diamonds by RHYMESTER, KIRINJI (~)
  • UNREAL by Seiho (~)
  • Grow by MUNA