2021 Week #23

Jun 20, 2021

Day 31 of 100 Days to Offload

Zuko Picture of the Week

My black cat curled up on my bed, specifically lying on a pair of my blue pants

What Happened

  • My good friend, Jess, bought me a the Sailor Black Cat pen! I affectionately call it The Zuko Pen. I love it very much, I think of Zuko whenever I use it.

A black Sailor fountain pen with yellowish-green filinials

Goals Review

  • Lose weight
    • U g h. I like food too much. x 2
  • Read more
    • Still reading The Japanese Lover but I gotta say, I’m not liking it too much
  • Waste less time
    • This was a really bad week. I slept in a lot and whenever I sleep in, the day is lost. I also missed some FocusMate sessions. x 2

This Week’s Tunes by Playcount

Top Tracks

  1. Pagan Poetry by Björk
  2. The Grace ft. City and Colour by The Neverending White Lights
  3. Truly ft. Sarah Bonito by Mark Redito
  4. CAMO by BoA
  5. モノクローム・ヴィーナス by Acid Black Cherry
  6. +PARADOX171115+ by CL
  7. Cheerleader by St. Vincent
  8. Bored Rigid by Comeback My Daughters
  9. Unrequited Love by CAPSULE
  10. Ghosts by Ibeyi

So I created a playlist called “Old ATM” and that’s what I’ve mostly been playing this week. A lot of new songs on this list, I think only +PARADOX171115+ is a typical song for me.

Pagan Poetry is one of my favourite Björk songs. I can feel the absolute passion in this song. This song is mostly about the physical side of relationships but also the complicated emotions that lie under it. I love it.

The Grace is a mid-2000’s classic for me that I’ve loved for a long time. Dallas Green has an incredible and touching voice that I never get sick of. The chorus has always hit me hard. “I’m so used to being wrong, so put me where I belong.”

Sarah Bonito is the vocalist of Kero Kero Bonito and she features in Mark Redito’s song, Truly. I think this is the most Japanese she’s ever sung in a single song. I really love this catchy tune, it feels so pure.

I’ve liked BoA for a long time, she’s one of the first Korean musicians I’ve listened to. I always like to bring up the fact that I thought she was Japanese at first, because she had a song that was used in Inuyasha. CAMO is a great song. It’s a bit more recent. Makes me think I should go through her discography.

Acid Black Cherry’s Recreation cover album has always been a banger for me. There are a couple of songs that I absolutely love on it, モノクローム・ヴィーナス (Monochrome Venus) being one of them. I love how he could make these 80’s songs in his own style.

There was a phase where I was really into St. Vincent. Admittedly, I don’t really like most of her stuff from Mass Seduction and onward. Strange Mercy is one of my favourite albums from her and I actually bought a vinyl of it recently.

Now, COMEBACK MY DAUGHTERS is a band that I found by chance on YouTube years ago and I love them. Bored Rigid is a fun rock song. I find it interesting how many of their songs are completely in English despite being based in Japan.

Top Albums

  1. Ibn El Leil by Mashrou’ Leila
  2. In the Name of Love by CL
  3. 15th L’Anniversary by L’Arc~en~Ciel
  4. Lush by Snail Mail
  5. Tryanny by The Voidz
  6. 第七作品集『無題』 by downy
  7. Bury Me At Makeout Creek by Mitski
  8. Remind Me Tomorrow by Sharon Van Etten
  9. Ibeyi by Ibeyi
  10. Kauai by Childish Gambino

Okay, this is very interesting. A lot of these albums didn’t appear in the top tracks list. I’m always pleased to listen to Ibn El Leil, I’m never surprised to see it on the list.

Tyranny is a really interesting album by The Voidz, I love Julian Casablancas’s experimentation with The Voidz.

What really surprised me though was Kauai. I don’t recall listening to that much Childish Gambino over the week.

Top Artists

  1. L’Arc~en~Ciel
  2. 五月天
  3. Alexisonfire
  6. Mashrou’ Leila
  7. CL (+2)
  8. Utada Hikaru (-2)
  10. St. Vincent

Another surprising list. I’m not so surprised about 五月天 to be honest. I did think “oh wow this is a lot of 五月天 that’s coming up on shuffle.” Same goes for MARINA. MAMAMOO was a bit of a surprise, though.

My ATM Playlist

Literally no changes compared to last week. To be fair, I didn’t listen to it a lot anyway.

  • One Last Kiss by Utada Hikaru (~)
  • Life by YUI (~)
  • Wish You Were Here by CL (~)
  • My Taste (ft. ZICO) by dress, sogumm (~)
  • No Sun - toe Remix by KID FRESINO (~)
  • Rolling Stone by JMSN (~)
  • Oiran II by Meitei (~)
  • Hatsukoi -my first love- ft. HANA by am8 (~)
  • 死ぬのがいいわ by Fuji kaze (~)
  • Diamonds by RHYMESTER, KIRINJI (~)
  • UNREAL by Seiho (~)
  • KAZINO by BIBI (~)
  • Grow by MUNA (~)
  • Paprika by Japanese Breakfast (~)
  • LET IT DIE(OAO) by Veltpunch (~)
  • 疾走 by きのこ帝国 (~)