25 Before 25: Update #1

Jun 2, 2017

I took a little break during the month of May. My mental health was honestly at an all time low and I found myself having a hard time picking myself back up to get motivated to actually do things. Since I am around 6 months into my 22nd year of living, I thought it would be a good time to pause and reflect how I’m doing with my 25 before 25. I only two and a half years left after all.

1. Graduate from university: Good progress

I am on track with this, thankfully! So far I am passing all of my courses and seem to look good to graduate at the end of the year. I still need to register for one more course in September but I’m having trouble finding a course that I am interested in that won’t conflict with other courses.

2. Move out of my parents’ house: No progress

My moving out fund is slowly getting chipped away due to paying for tuition. I still need a job secured for this summer. I really want to get one ASAP so I can get that cash flow going.

3. Max out my TFSA: Some progress

When I was on internship, I put most of my paycheque into my TFSA. I still have a ways to go before maxing out my TFSA but I definitely have the funds in there. They will not be touched for a while.

4. Open a RRSP account: No progress

This won’t happen until I get a semi-permanent job and I don’t see that happening until I graduate. Fingers crossed.

5. Get a full time job in my field: No progress

This also won’t happen until I graduate.

6. Read 150 books/50 books per year: Good progress

This year I have read around 36 books. There are still half a year left so I’d say I’m ahead of the game for this year.

7. Finish the Dragon Age series: Little progress

I started playing The Witcher 3 and unfortunately, most of my gaming time has been spent on that. This has been a good reminder for me to boot up Origins sometime soon.

8. Make my own TCG: No progress

I haven’t had a lot of time to code lately but I need to get started planning this seriously. Maybe I will dedicate this weekend to do so.

9. Finish my Pomodoro app project: No progress

As said before, haven’t done a lot of coding this year. I also need to draw a good plan for this.

10. Make a book review website: No progress

Woah, look at all these projects I haven’t started on yet. I need to figure out which project to prioritize first. This website has been a long time coming but the TCG will be the most work. We’ll see.

11. Get my driver’s license: No progress

Have yet to sit in the driver’s seat yet this year. I have to check my learner’s permit and see when it expires. I need a teacher and my poor father is reluctant to teach me because I am unsafe.

12. Make friends outside of the tech bubble: Negligible progress

My mental health stumbling block last month has done a lot for me to trip up on this. I am struggling with making friends in general right now and I’m finding it extremely hard. I started going to crochet meetups and will hopefully go regularly enough to make a friend or two.

13. Get fit: Some progress

In May I felt like I regressed a lot but I am starting to go back to the gym. Yesterday I went to the gym on campus and my nerves only got me to do some cardio on the machines but I did something which was relieving.

14. Floss more regularly: No progress

Nope. Hasn’t happened yet. Starting today.

15. Drink. More. Water.: Some progress

When I was sitting around at work, I was drinking a lot of water. Now back at school, I’m finding it hard to remember to drink water. In fact, I’m thirsty right now. I will go and get some water right now. Water break!

16. Learn how to actually cook: Little progress

My mom left the country to go the Philippines in May. I got some opportunities to cook. Just really small things. Made pizza, chicken wings, breakfast. Nothing hardcore.

17. Travel internationally without family: No progress

I need that cash first and foremost.

18. Konmari ALL of my things: No progress

This summer vacation, for sure.

19. Get drunk for the first time: Almost there

I got tipsy once so far. It was weird. Almost there. One day.

20. Get my CCNA certification: No progress

I kinda gave up my CCNA courses so I just might start to study on my own.

21. Attend Zoo Lights: No progress

It’s the start of summer so I will have to wait until winter comes back around to go to Zoo Lights.

22. Get a grasp on my depression: Some progress

I am currently doing some counseling to combat this. Also taking part of an online cognitive behavioural therapy course. Exercise will hopefully help as well.

23. Continue my pen pal relationships: No progress

I’m such a bad pen pal. 🙁 Gah! I don’t have a P.O. box anymore and I’m not entirely comfortable not using one. We’ll see.

24. Go to a concert: No progress

Haven’t seen any concerts that caught my eye yet. Wait, let me check right now. Nope, nothing catches my eye at the moment.

25. Make a dent in my to-watch movie list: Some progress

I watched Ella Enchanted. That’s one out of many, right?

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