25 Before 25: Update #2

Aug 8, 2018

When I turned 22 I made a bucket list of things to accomplish by the time I’m 25. Right now I’m 23 years old. There is a year and a half until I am 25. Let’s see how I’m progressing with my bucket list!

1.Graduate from university: Done!

2. Move out: Still working on it! I need a full-time job first before that happens.

3. Max out my TFSA: Slowly but surely. Every month I contribute a little bit to my TFSA account.

4. Open an RRSP account: Not yet!

5. Get a full-time job in my field: Still looking! The market is tough. But I’ve been getting more and more interviews which is a big plus.

6. Read 150 books/50 books per year: A bit behind but I’m still trying to read more often. I fell off reading a bit around March and haven’t been able to get back on it since.

7. Finish the Dragon Age series: I restarted my playthrough because I forgot everything that had happened previously and party build was quite frankly not good.

8. Make my own TCG: I am seriously debating whether or not to continue with this. As far as I can tell, there are only three active TCGs at the moment: Colors, Idolise, and Sakura. My plan was to make an Asian music TCG but there is a big overlap with Idolise, which is a K-pop TCG. Decisions, decisions…

9. Finish my Pomodoro app project: Haven’t done anything on this for a while… I need to re-evaluate where I am with this one.

10. Make a book review website: Some progress on this one! I have the databases all set up and ready to go.

11. Get my driver’s license: No progress. I am still super scared to drive.

12. Make friends outside of tech: Done! I made some friends with people who are not in Computer Science or anything IT related. Which is awesome!

13. Get fit: Some progress…? I fell off the gym wagon a bit and I’m slowly trying to get back to it.

14. Floss more regularly: Not happening. I always forget to floss…

15. Drink. More. Water: Some progress. I have a water bottle right next to me as I type this up.

16. Learn how to actually cook: Some progress! I have been cooking a lot more things lately. The other day I made eggs benedict for breakfast. I’ve been cooking chilli for dinner sometimes. I’m going to try to make curry next time!

17. Travel internationally without family: I did it! Back in May, I went to New York City. I still haven’t made that blog post yet. It will come, eventually. :)

18. Konmari ALL of my things: My clothes and books have been konmari’d but I might need to do another pass…

19. Get drunk for the first time: I have a plan to get drunk eventually. It’s on the horizon.

20. Get my CCNA certification: I gave up on this. Now I’m not so sure if I want to get my CCNA after all. So… Done?

21. Attend Zoo Lights: This year for sure? Who knows if I’m in the area by then.

22. Get a grasp on my depression: Suddenly it got dark. I stopped going to my counselling sessions at the beginning of this year. I think I’m generally doing better but it’s definitely hard. I think I might need to rebrand my depression to “low self-esteem issues.”

23. Continue my pen pal relationship: This won’t happen until I can get a P.O. box again but I simply don’t have the funds yet.

24. Go to a concert: Done!

25. Make a dent in my to-watch movie list: I think I’m making progress? I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately but they are new releases. There’s still a lot of movies that I need to see.

TL;DR I accomplished four things since my last update and I renegotiated my priorities for one thing on my list. It’s always good to take time to reflect on your goals and see if you’re on track or if they still need to be a goal in the first place. Time for me to get start cracking on some plans!

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