25 Before 25: Update #3

May 19, 2019

When I turned 22 I made a bucket list of things to accomplish by the time I’m 25. Right now I’m 24 years old. I’m in the long stretch now!

Number Goal Outcome Plan
1 Graduate from university Done!
2 Move out Done! I still have to write a blog post about this… Eventually.
3 Max out my TFSA Since I moved out, maxing out my TFSA won’t be happening unless I get a big windfall out of the blue which is very unlikely to happen. After I fund my future Japan trip, all my savings will go towards my TFSA. If I contribute the same amount every month, I should max out my TFSA by 2021.
4 Open an RRSP account Done! I opened an RRSP with my company.
5 Get a full-time job in my field Done! I’ve been working full-time since August of last year.
6 Read 150 books/50 books per year I’m getting behind but I’m trying my best! I need to read 36 more books this year. If I continue reading on average a book every five days, I think I can do it before the end of the year!
7 Finish the Dragon Age series Oof I haven’t touched this in quite a while. I might just forget about it and finish it one my own time. Now that I have a gaming computer, I should be more inclined to play games on it… Right? No plans for this.
8 Make my own TCG I don’t have any interest in TCGs anymore (I don’t make it a priority and there’s not a lot of active TCGs and I don’t know the market for Japanese/Asian music anymore) so I will be dropping this one.
9 Finish my Pomodoro app project Haven’t started on this one either. I might take some time tomorrow to get started. Plan to work on this at least half an hour every day!
10 Make a book review website I have a project in Asana with all the tasks I need to accomplish for this. Does that count? Plan to work on this at least half an hour every day as well!
11 Get my driver’s license I doubt this will happen this year. I don’t have anyone to teach me yet. Ahhhh! Find someone to teach me first
12 Make friends outside of tech Done!
13 Get fit Some progress… I’ve been working out every day before work minus some Mondays when I wake up late and I try to do it in the afternoon in such cases. It’s still nothing hardcore but at least it’s exercise. I’ve started going to yoga classes and I’ve joined a running club held by the building I work at. Contemplate joining the gym at my workplace. Might motivate me to actually go to the gym and push myself to the limits. Or plan daily runs. Hm.
14 Floss more regularly I’ve definitely been flossing more. I don’t know about regularly. I try my best to floss everyday. Continue with my “break the chain” method
15 Drink more Water Some progress. I’m craving water right now as I type this up. Continue drinking more water!
16 Learn how to actually cook A natural consequence of moving out, I have to cook more. I don’t know if I know how to actually cook but I am cooking more. Keep cooking?
17 Travel internationally without family Done!
18 Konmari ALL of my things Mostly done! I just need to konmari my digital things. I think that will take the most time. Schedule a time to go through my digital items… Whoops
19 Get drunk for the first time I don’t know if I’ve been drunk. I’ve been tipsy. Or was I drunk? I’m not sure haha. Buy some white wine
20 Get my CCNA certification I gave up on this. I don’t need one and I don’t have an interest in it anymore.
21 Attend Zoo Lights This December, for sure! Wait until December
22 Get a grasp on my depression I restarted going back to therapy since my benefits cover some of it. Keep going to therapy!
23 Continue my pen pal relationship I wrote my penpal a couple months ago. The ball is in his court now but I’m not sure if he would write me back after all this time. Wait for a response
24 Go to a concert Done!
25 Make a dent in my to-watch movie list I’ve watched a couple. Pride and Prejudice and Citizen Kane. I still have a couple to go now. Plan a movie night with Ray
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