25 Before 25

Jan 1, 2017

New Years Resolutions are no longer the in thing. I recently turned 22 and it feels like my life is whizzing by now. I’ve been thinking about my goals but there are just too many that I have for one year and a couple that will go beyond 2017. So I figured a 25 before 25 would be appropriate.

1. Graduate from university

I’ve been in university since I was 17. Five years later and I’m still here. While I do love the academic environment, I seriously can’t wait to graduate. It’s about time that I move on from school, even if it’s a little scary.

2. Move out of my parents’ house

It was only until recently that I resolved to move out and move out for good. When I was young, I happily accepted the fact that my parents would like to live with me in their retirement. Not anymore. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my boundaries towards my parents. I think it would be best for all of us for me to move out.

3. Max out my TFSA

One of the biggest steps towards responsible personal finance is maxing out my tax free savings account. As of 2016, my total contribution limit is around 30k. As the years go by, that will only increase. Hopefully I can do it.

4. Open a RRSP account

The only reason why I don’t have one yet is because I don’t have a permanent job yet. I simply don’t make enough to warrant an RRSP. However, if I want to retire gracefully, an RRSP is essential.

5. Get a full time job in my field

Every graduates worst nightmare is to leave university only to land a part time job at the grocery store. I’m hoping to land a job in networking or program development. It doesn’t have to be right away, I can stand working retail for a couple of months.

6. Read 150 books/50 books per year

Every year I want to read at least 50 books. I’m an avid reader. This year I managed to make it work so I’m hoping I can continue to make it work for the next couple of years.

7. Finish the Dragon Age series

One of my friends joke that I’ve been playing the first installation of Dragon Age for years. So far I’ve clocked around 100 hours and I’m definitely nowhere near done it yet. It’s those side quests that sidetrack me, I swear.

8. Make my own TCG

A couple of years ago I started working on a TCG but it fell through the cracks. I’d love to take up that project again and finish it. I love TCGs so it would be a fun endeavor.

9. Finish my Pomodoro app project

Yesterday I started making a small Pomodoro app. I’m making decent progress but it’s nowhere near polished. It would be great to finish it.

10. Make a book review website

Another project that I’ve been working on for a while. I keep starting and restarting it. I don’t want to rely on GoodReads and I fancy the idea of having a local copy of the books I’ve read.

11. Get my driver’s license

22 and without a license. I feel like a burden asking my friends for rides everywhere. I do like walking around everywhere because I desperately need the exercise. However, the city I live in is not really commuter friendly so a car would make things extremely easier.

12. Make friends outside of the tech bubble

Many of my friends are alike in that we are all tech geeks. From gaming to building PCs to programming, you name it. I think it would be nice to make friends who aren’t necessarily into the whole tech thing. Different perspectives is essential for a well-rounded world view. Plus, I’d like to be introduced into something that isn’t, well, tech.

13. Get fit

I envy those who can lift and run and be athletic. I’d really love to lose some weight, cut down on the body fat, and not be struggling for air after walking three flights of stairs.

14. Floss more regularly

My dentist always begs me to floss but no matter how many horror stories she gives me, I just don’t do it. I know I should. I really have to.

15. Drink. More. Water.

I’m dehydrated 247. I’m convinced that I have years shaved off my life purely due to the fact that I do not drink enough water. I don’t notice my thirst cues very well until my head is throbbing, my lips are cracked, and my throat is parched. Dangerous.

16. Learn how to actually cook

If I want to move out, I should probably learn how to cook. And not just making sandwiches. I’d love to be able to make pasta.

17. Travel internationally without family

I’ve traveled to another country without family once but it was a school field trip. I would love to go to Japan but that’s expensive. Maybe I’ll just cross the border down south again?

18. Konmari ALL of my things

I started the Konmari process but have yet to progress past my books. It would be beneficial to accomplish this before I move out. Less stuff to pack!

19. Get drunk for the first time

I had my first alcoholic beverage this year. I’ve never been black out drunk before and I think there should be a first time for everything. Hopefully I don’t spiral from there.

20. Get my CCNA certification

I’m about halfway through my CCNA course so getting my CCNA is totally on the horizon.

21. Attend Zoo Lights

Zoo Lights is a local festival that happens every winter. I’ve never gone before because my parents have been paranoid about my being out in the cold at night. I think it would make for a good future date.

22. Get a grasp on my depression

Oof, it got heavy suddenly. I’ve been struggling with depression for a couple of years now. I think I’ve identified some sources and I’d like to come up with a plan to combat it.

23. Continue my pen pal relationships

I have a pen pal whom I haven’t written to in months. Well, I sent him a quick Christmas card but that doesn’t count in my opinion. I’d love to pick up the pen again as I do miss his correspondences!

24. Go to a concert

I haven’t been to a concert since my very first concert (My Chemical Romance, RIP). I have a couple of bands and artists that I’d love to see live but it’s just a matter of if they come to Calgary! But it would totally be cool to take a road trip outside of the city to watch some live music.

25. Make a dent in my to-watch movie list

There are too many movies that I have not seen before. Just to name a few: V for Vendetta, Clueless, Pulp Fiction, Schindler’s List, Singing in the Rain, Princess Mononoke, Gone Girl, Akira, The Princess Bride…

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