A thing called…gasp, Javascript!

Jul 28, 2009

Yeah, I’m trying to find ways to properly display my avatars and future graphics! I’m trying to setup Lightbox, but the thing is that the “white space” is too little. I put captions underneath and it’s all…um. Weird!

Any ideas? I tried to increase the padding, but it did some weird stuff (the avatar wasn’t in the white space…). Does it make sense? I hope it does…

I’m working on all those projects below (see last entry) and my fanfic. Yay! I feel so happy when I write. Why did I stop again? Oh, right. School. Gah.

Anyway, my parents are forcing me to go to bed and it’s barely 10 pm. Why can’t I stay up later?

Well, I’m going fishing…I can’t remember when, but I am so catch you later! (Haha, you get it? No? Oh…)

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