Almost Happy Birthday

Dec 26, 2007

My birthday is in four days! I’ll finally be thirteen! I have had it with people staring at me and going, “You’re still twelve?” It’s annoying. I’m not the only twelve year old in grade eight!

One of my friends is already fourteen! She can get her learner’s permit nd she cant get over the fact she’s two years older than me. At least I’m not like my one friend. HHe doesnt turn thirteen until February.

Another great thing: in three days my cousin is coming to Canada! I’m excited because she’s from way back in the Philippines and I haven’t seen her since fourth grade. But it’s kinda complicated with her. My mom booked the flight without asking her mom but I was the one who asked if she could come before or on my brithday. I want her to play laser quest with me and my friends on sunday.

I got an iPod nano today! I was really surprised because I didnt even ask for an iPod nano, and its not christmas anymore. Whatever.

I’m listening to an awesome song. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

I love December.

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Tags: #friends #family