An Hour at Cafe Blanca

Apr 7, 2017

There’s a cool hip place at the edge of Calgary’s Chinatown and across Eau Claire Market called Cafe Blanca. They’re most known for their Siphon coffee which I unfortunately did not remember to try. Instead, I ordered a plain normal latte and a cheesecake.

Now, I’m not cheesecake expert but I’m definitely a cheesecake lover. I got myself a mint chocolate cheesecake. It was extremely delicious. It was a little more cake than I prefer (the base was an actual chocolate cake and yes, cake, not brownie) and not as much cheese as I’d like. Still, very good.

I have a very love-hate relationship with lattes. Some lattes are great. All lattes will leave me with an upset stomach, which I somehow manage to forget every time I order one. This latte was simply okay. I don’t really know what I would expect otherwise. But it was pretty good.

The actual space is great. The atmosphere is pretty chill. The tables are long and huge which is great for big groups or activities like paint night or Meetups. There’s also spaces for individuals as well which are nice and isolated. I gotta give props for the music selection, I distinctly heard Joanna Wang playing at one point, Wild World is my guess.

My only hitch was I had no idea where to put my dirty dishes. I ended up putting it in a tub neear their counter. I hope that’s the right place to put them. I even turned to Google Images for assistance on the layout of the place. But that part of my visit is just the social anxiety talking.

Category: Life