April 2019 in Review

May 2, 2019


  • Got a gaming computer!


Hours of Sleep

My sleep varied this month a lot as well. It seems like I’m trending towards 6 hours of sleep. Not ideal. I would be okay with it if it was on the weekends but some of those nights were definitely not on the weekend.

Hours on Phone

Hours on Phone

I don’t know how I’m spending more time on my phone. I’ve been on a depressive slump lately and I realize I do a lot of Redditing when I’m feeling down and it usually never makes me feel any better.

Steps Walked

Step Count

There was a provincial election last month and I spent a lot of time volunteering for my preferred party. I was knocking on a lot of doors in my riding. The huge spike was on election day. I spent almost 12 hours on my feet making sure our supporters made their way to the polls. I don’t think I’ve ever walked that much in a day in my entire life.

Average Temperature

Average Daily Temperature

It snowed near the end of April. Which is so sad because we had some good 10C+ days. Only in Calgary does it snow in April and May.

Top 10 Artists

Top Artists

I really only ever listen to the same thing over and over again, I realize. I recently (not really recently) downloaded Capsule’s entire discography and it comes up in shuffle quite a lot.

Top 10 Albums

Top Albums

Nothing out of the ordinary here. I love listening to the same things.

Top 10 Songs

Top Songs

Whyyy am I so predictable haha. I feel like the local songs I listen to do not actually scrobble. Because I swear I’ve listened to more than this.



I spent quite a lot this month. Mostly because I bought a gaming PC! I’m just impressed that I still managed to save 25% of my monthly income despite spending so much. I am pretty pleased, though.

Books Read

Super sad month. I didn’t read a single book. :( A part of it is that my commute is quite shorter so I don’t read as much. Also, I’m finding it quite hard to pay attention to books because of my mental health. Fingers crossed for more reading this month.

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