Art, Food, and Good Old Bowling

Mar 10, 2017

At the company where I’m doing an internship right now offered all the interns the opportunity to go to their downtown location and give us a tour of all the art. It seems a little weird to give art tours in an office environment but once we stepped into the building, it made sense. There was art on every single floor of the building (of which there are over ten floors) and almost every single wall has a piece of art hanging on it.

The art collection is unique in that all the artists are Canadian or, at least, immigrants who have spent most of their lives in Canada (almost all of Canada is made up of immigrants anyway).

When I think of Canadian art, the first thing that comes to mind are landscapes. I honestly find that to be a little bit boring and winter scenes get a little tiresome after a while. There was definitely no lack of landscapes in this art collection but a lot of them resonated with me in a way that I didn’t think they would.

Some of the paintings that I remember seeing off the top of my head are Christopher Pratt’s Driving to Venus from Eddie’s Cove East, a couple of paintings from Jack Bush, a painting from Marion Nicoll, a lot of William Kurelek paintings, a fascinating Jean-Paul Riopelle painting, and much more.

The art curator definitely enhanced the experience. She was filled to the brim with knowledge and had something to say about each and every painting. I was honestly so entranced by her. Although she was an older woman, she seemed to be very youthful while remaining very serious. I think I fell in love for a little bit. She had a sort of energy that I appreciate.

After the art tour, us interns made our way to a drink and bowl bar. There wasn’t another lane until 9pm so we opted to eat a little before heading downstairs to the bowling lane. And by “a little” I really mean a lot. I ordered fried chicken and biscuits because I was totally craving biscuits. The chicken were huge and I got three pieces of them. It was honestly delicious. I also bought mozza sticks which were amazing. Of course, drunk bowling isn’t real drunk bowling without a couple of drinks. I got a orange ginger beer and an alcoholic strawberry lemonade drink. All very yummy.

Once we went downstairs, the bowling ensued. I haven’t bowled in years. It was the first time I used the bigger bowling balls. They were so heavy that when I threw them, they slowly rolled down the lane.

Overall, it was a good and fun night. Honestly, the highlight was the art tour. It’s nice to stop and appreciate creative works once in a while. I hope that I can put as much passion into my own career as these artists do.

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