Oct 17, 2011

I usually don’t post on weekends, even though it’s when I have the most free time. Even with free time I’m usually wasting it, haha. Although today, I did something somewhat productive, which was retweak the layout! I’m not sure if you lot like it, but I do. The fancy @font-face works well, haha. As you can see, I used a font in several place. It’s called Asenine. I love this font, and that word. I think I went overkill on it. But no matter. Also, I made the layout wider, centered some things a bit, made things bigger, etc. I had fun with it.

If you look at the sidebar, you’ll see that I have watered it down, and added a Tumblr Feed widget. I’m usually on Tumblr a lot, so you guys can see what I like to post from time to time. Right now it’s a fyeahbandbuffalo picture. It’s so relevant to my life, it’s not even funny.

A little update on me. I’ve been getting into Neopets lately, LOL. Someone mentioned it to me so I thought, I want to play that again! So I did. And now I’m addicted. I named all my pets after my favourite celebrities… Oh my, what has become of my Internet life? Neopets and Tumblr!

Some other internet things. I’ve been reading a lot more online comics lately. Wow, there are so many talented and dedicated people out there! My favourite ones at the moments are No Pink Ponies, MYth, and Your Rhapsody (although it’s barely started). I have no idea how some people can draw magnificent masterpieces once or twice a week. It looks like it takes a really long time. I really adore those kinds of people. I wish I could draw well. I just draw as a hobby.

Anyway, I really should be getting back to studying. I have three unit tests this weeks. Egads. Wish me luck!

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