Back From The Dead

Mar 19, 2011

Yes, Pure Orenji is finally open! To all my previous affiliates, please note that this site is no longer my blog. In the future, Brokenphrases will be my blog. If you are willing to change your links, then do so. If you just want to stay affiliated with Pure Orenji, that’s fine as well.

I edited the network page. Everything is up except for the “Exits” page, which I will get around to eventually.

What happened? Well, my host suddenly disappeared. I got such a great price for the hosting as well! I was devastated and lost motivation to find a new host again. I’ve been contemplating Three Words for a long time, but I wasn’t sure if it would stick around for long. Hopefully, it will!

On another note, I would fully appreciate if you guys could check out my book blog! Room 304 is now my main pride and joy. I love updating it, since reading books is pretty much the only other thing that I do offline.

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