Back to Work…

Jan 4, 2017

The holidays are officially over, for I went back to work today. It was a bit of a slow day. I got my internship extended, however they basically treated me as a new hire since my contract ended in December. So I’m starting from scratch, essentially. I had no laptop, no e-mail, no account to login into any computer connected to the company’s network… Kinda rough.

However, I did manage to do some small tasks that didn’t require the use of a computer.

I’m currently doing an inventory of our gear and before I left for holidays, I was labelling items that needed to be recycled or sold. Apparently some of the labels fell off so I reinforced them all with tape. Since I was gone for two weeks, there were a couple of new devices in our inventory so I took note of those as well.

Some of the devices are strewn about the place with no order so I attempted to move some of them into groups of device types. For example, some of the supervisor engines were mixed with the switches when there was a shelf dedicated solely for engines.

We use bins to store smaller items. Some of the bins didn’t have any labels so I had to make some in order for people to know where everything is. I also labelled some ambiguos boxes. It’s a big guessing game looking at them all.

I received a package from Meraki containing a Meraki access point. Pretty cool! I thought that maybe I needed to do something with it for work so I read the manual but it turned out that it’s mine to keep. It’s super sleek.

In my co-op, I have to hand in reports in order to get credit. One of the first things I have to hand in during the start of the work term is learning objectives. I spent a good amount of time trying to think up of what I wanted to accomplish during this work term. I’m still pretty undecided as I don’t want to repeat myself from last term’s objectives.

After work, I went over to my SO’s place. While he played Vermintide with friends, I continued reading Buried in Books by Julie Rugg. Basically it’s a collection of quotes regarding books and reading. I love reading books about books and reading. What Ilove more is reading a book about books that are about books and reading.

After that we settled in for some quiet time to work on a puzzle I bought him for Christmas. It’s a big 1000 piece puzzle of a volcano. I chose it because it was cool and dramatic and it was more than two colours. I guess some people like the challenge of putting together a puzzle of the ocean and the sky but not us.

Anyway, that’s my day in a nutshell. A very chill and relaxing day. Now I’m hoping to tinker with the access point I received, work out a little, and study a bit for my CCNA before I hit the hay.

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