Apr 28, 2007

Beauti is a pretty good band. Right now, they’re on tour with this thing called Absolute. They travel all across Canada to high schools. Which really doesn’t make any sense because I’m in junior high. Anyway, they played four songs (actually three, but they played one song while the kids went into the gym). I forget what one song was, but the two songs they played was Forever Love, and Don’t Watch Me. They were good! They had emo screams in it. By the look on my principal’s face, he didn’t like that part. Yeah, and these two people (Ryan and Tia) got two of the students to come up and be a “rock star”. Ryan made them wear these kinda shiny shirts, and he claimed that he stole them from Rod Stewart. Then the bass player of the band dressed up as some gay choreographer dude from Los Angeles. Yeah, and the lead singer made them sing a couple of lines from that on song. Anyway, support the band Beauti and Absolute

Category: life
Tags: #school #beauti