Because I met you in a dream, that dream will cruelly disappear

Feb 21, 2010

There’s this one VK (visual kei) band, Versailles. I’ve heard of them, but haven’t necessarily listened to them. I found this one PV, Serenade – Versailles, which is simply amazing.

Jasmine You passed away a couple of months ago. Even though I don’t listen to Versailles, I was deeply troubled by this news. Jasmine is so beautiful and an amazing bassist. It struck me for the second time that yes, even famous people die. In the Serenade PV, it just seemed so lonely. Just the four of them. Without Jasmine. The song is obviously about/for Jasmine as well so it was even sadder. Aweh, I cried my eyes out.

To continue with the sadness, I’ve been reading Koizora by Haneda Ibuki. It’s incredibly sad, AND based on a true story. It made me cry the whole day yesterday. I thought only stuff like that happened in manga (even though this is manga). I couldn’t bear all those things happening to me. I would want to die. But don’t worry, there is a couple rays of sunlight in this story. I highly recommend it. But it’s not finished scantalating yet. =/ I NEED the next chapter or I will burst.

On an entirely random note, I enjoy this picture very much.

Mmmm tubas.

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