Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 12, 2011

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in Canada land. I wasn’t able to post because of our super long but extremely satisfying dinner. Turkey, ham, and pasta for all! Not to mention that there was no school yesterday.

I said I was going to create passwords and give them out but that never really happened. It will happen sometime this week when I get around to it.

Today was rather interesting. Everyone was talking about post post. In our marching band, there’s a tradition of having a post party. The party consists of all the band kids from the previous year. It’s like a reunion. I wasn’t able to go because I wasn’t in band last year (I won’t be able to go next year either because I’m not in marching band this year).

The actual post party is pretty fun. I went to post last year. You dress up a fancy, have a big dinner with food brought in by everyone, watch last year’s performance, and give out awards (sexiest music section, mr and mrs tan lines, biggest should be couple, etc), all in the band room.

But post post is what most people look forward to. It’s post free post. The post party after the post party. That’s where all the good stuff is (or so I’ve heard). I’ve never been to post post. Basically, you get drunk or stay sober and watch drunk people do stupid things, or watch other sober people get stupid things done to them.

Now because I believe in obeying the law (the band members are all grade elevens, twelves, first year university students, or right out of high school workers AKA mostly underaged kids), I never went to post post last year. Plus the appeal of getting drunk for the sake of getting drunk is nonexistent. Okay, some drunk people do funny things, but it’s not that great when people start throwing up everywhere.

Today everyone was talking about post post and all the hilarious things and I just felt like face palming (although some of the stories were amusing). I was also feeling a bit left out but that’s really besides the point. I don’t tolerate stupidity very well from most people. Especially my friends. Ack, what can you do? I’m like the only senior band geek who has not been drunk in her whole entire life yet. I enjoy being able to truthfully say that.

But more about today. There was no band practice this morning, so I slept in. When I got to school, I walked into the band room to be greeted by the grade ten woodwinds playing Christmas songs. Normally, I wouldn’t mind listening to Christmas songs even before Halloween is over but the grades tens were just butchering it. My ears are not used to such musical profanity.

In math, we got our quizzes back. I got one question wrong and it’s because I forgot to convert radians to degrees. I hate making silly mistakes like that because it’s just like, I could have easily gotten a hundred! My mat teacher also makes you feel stupid when you make mistakes like that, so it didn’t help me feel any better. But my math teacher was making more jokes than usual today. Maybe he was happy from the Thanksgiving dinner. I quite enjoy my math teacher actually.

Physics was bad. We had to convert graphs into another type of graph. It was so easy but my teacher takes half a class for us to work on things that should only take ten minutes. And then he says “Oh you have a unit test next week” when we’ve barely learned anything. I don’t know how I’m going to pass this course.

Lastly, I have my favorite subject! Chemistry. Chemistry was fun but not. We went over our quizzes, which I got 75% on. Blergh. I do not do well with oxidation numbers. However after we did that, we did a lab. A titration lab! I love titration labs. Especially watching the solutions change into one color and then quickly fade away multiple times. It’s just like, “Is it going to say pink? Yes? Yes? Oh, just kidding.” I love chem labs.

Yeah, that was my day. I only had math homework so it was a pretty slack day. I enjoy and fully cherish this semester.