Blogilates Beginner’s Workout Calendar 2.0: Day 11

Feb 27, 2016

Disclaimer: This “review”/blog series is NOT sponsored in any way and all opinions are entirely of my own.


Day 11: Lower Body

Another day, another week almost finished (I’m talking in terms of the weekday week and not the Blogilates week)! I keep mixing up the “Wake up and …” preambles at the start of each day…. Yesterday I did 30 second planks on each side instead of just 1 minute of planking. I really hate those planks… You will not hear me say that enough, haha!

Video 1: Pick Me Up Quickie Workout

Cassey is totally peppy and first thing in the morning, I’m not quite sure if I’m feeling the happiness. But this is a new workout video so I tried to give it a shot.

  • Dogging Cobra: This move is fun to do! I didn’t find it too hard but like with any move, with more repetitions, it got more tiring to do. Cassey said it really wakes you up, especially early in the morning and she is right, haha.
  • Clam Kicks: I find this move really interesting. My bones kept cracking with this one, on both legs. This doesn’t get as tiring as other moves in this video.
  • Single Arm Press: I found this move really hard! My hip (?) bone kept pressing down into the floor and it hurt. I even pulled out a rug to put under me to make it hurt less, haha!
  • Boat Teaser: I could not do this move at the pace Cassey did it. I don’t have a strong enough core to lift myself up. I probably approached it wrong because I did it like a roll up and then attempted to bring my legs in. Whoops.

Video 2: Body Slimming Workout

Since I already listed the moves in this workout previously, I’m not going to attempt to list them out again. I did much better this time around. Those hundreds still kill me. I really need to work on my Pilates stance. Fortunately, I was actually able to do the parachuters move this time around! I love these confidence boosting videos, haha.

Video 3: 6 Minutes to Sexy Thighs

Not really liking the title of this video because it makes me feel a little vain or shallow, haha.

  • Criss Cross Scissors: I think this is the easiest move in this video. It was kind of fun as well. I closed my eyes for a bit, like Cassey suggested. It was kind of humorous listening to Cassey, a California girl, talk about the cold. Try living where there’s snow!
  • Froggers: This one is also kind of easy compared to the other ones in this workout. It’s more tiring than the criss cross scissors but not as tiring as some of the other moves in today’s videos.
  • Double Leg Lift Presses: This one was a struggle. I have trouble with the double leg lift to begin with and adding those presses made it even more difficult.
  • Leg Side Press: I’m tempted to say these were the hardest moves in this video. Staying up and resisting the urge to sink to the floor was hard. The actual move was SO tiring. It was a relief when Cassey spent less time on the last side, haha.


This is the first time I’ve done a workout first thing in the morning. Okay, I admit, I kind of browsed on my phone for a quick few minutes and then I worked out but it’s close enough for me! The first video was a little hard, the second video was a good motivation booster, and the last workout was definitely a challenge. I also actually got sweaty today doing these. Surprisingly enough, it was during the video that was the easiest for me, the body slimming workout!