Blogilates Beginner’s Workout Calendar 2.0: Day 12

Feb 29, 2016

Disclaimer: This “review”/blog series is NOT sponsored in any way and all opinions are entirely of my own.


Day 12: Abs

Ab workouts are so brutal… And, of course, that’s what everyone wants to workout. Cue the suffering.

Video 1: Ab & Butt Workout

I seriously cannot get over how cute Rosanna is! She is absolutely adorable and when she struggles, I feel like I’m not alone in ab hell. Somehow, she smiles through all of it! Workout goals…

  • Scissors: Literally the only easy workout in this video.
  • One Leg Crunch: I still keep using my neck instead of my core to do these but it’s so hard for me to lift up my shoulders still.
  • Roll ups: Thank goodness for roll ups (again).
  • Balancing Pilates Stances: Thankfully, I made a better attempt at this one compared to last week.
  • Fire Hydrant: For the first time, I actually felt my butt working in this move… This was another move that was easier this time around!
  • Plank Twists: Add this move to my “Edel actually did it this time!” list. I don’t know what it was but they were easier this week. Although my feet kept pushing away the rug from my feet.

Video 2: Abs on Fire

Cassey was not joking about the title when she named this video “abs on fire.” My abs… Were definitely on fire.

  • Genie Abs: These… were surprisingly okay! I’m really bad at using my core. It wasn’t until Cassey made it harder did I start to struggle a little.
  • Eagle Abs: This move is very… Twisty! I suck at any variation of crunches so this was not a fun move. I don’t think I did it right at all. I ended up just holding onto my knees whenever I went up.
  • Runaway Abs: What a cute move. It was hard though because it always hurts to try to lift my shoulders off the floor. I could feel my shoulder blades digging into the ground.
  • Double Leg Stretch/Star Abs: This was hard and I didn’t have much room to do these properly. But I really tried to do these. Once again, once Cassey added a little more difficulty to the move, I tried it but just ended up doing the simple version again.
  • Clock Abs: I do not like clock abs! I find it so hard to do and my hips go all over the place. But I tried my best, even if it was at a snail’s pace.
  • Hollow Rock: I could not do these very well! I kept sitting up all the way which is what is not what I was supposed to do, I’m guessing.
  • Single Leg Drop: You’d think this move would be easy but I actually had some trouble with this one. But I pushed through it despite skipping some of the harder variations (completely by accident, I used my phone to watch this video and put it down without checking to see if anything changed).
  • Cheerleader L’s: There are two reasons why I was never a cheerleader. A) I have no flexibility or physical ability at all. B) We never had cheerleaders at my high school. So this move was really hard. I could barely do it. Actually, I couldn’t do it! I just did it half-halfheartedly.
  • Earthquake: Cassey said to expect shaking. Boy did the shaking happen. Every time Cassey said “lower!” I laughed and held my position. I did try to go as low as I could but it was not low enough at all.

Video 3: Relax with Me Stretch

I was a little wary doing the stretches because on Friday I was stretching and gave myself a charley horse. The beach scenery was a nice touch. Typical California. I want sun too…

  • Rise and Shine: A move with almost no effort. Just a nice start to the stretching. I felt like a weird flower or something.
  • Side Bend Stretch: Another easy move. My left side was feeling a little sore so I tried my best not to overdo it.
  • Half Rainbow Glute: My left side was definitely not stretched out enough due to my soreness but my right side was feeling nice and taut!
  • Stretching Child/Mini Child Press: Ramping up the difficulty just a tad bit. Presses are hard for me no matter what. But it was still relatively easy.
  • Down Dog: This move actually made me sweaty. How do stretches make me more sweaty than the actual workout itself??
  • Dogging Cobra: This move made me even more sweatier. I got pretty tired by the end and really had to push through it.
  • Head Rolls: Is it a little weird how I’m paranoid about cracking my neck? Usually it feels good but I’m guessing I had no knots to straighten out today.
  • Soul Stretch: This is definitely a move that makes you sigh with relief. I love the stretch in this one!
  • Long Lunge Twist: My balance was tested in this move. I have no balance.


It was pretty disheartening to read the comments on the Blogilates page about people feeling discourage by today’s videos. The “Abs on Fire” video was definitely hard and a little outside of my difficulty range. I stumbled through that video and didn’t really “complete” it at all. But I know that I suck at the moment and I’m not strong enough and I accepted it. Maybe this the only advantage of being self deprecating all the time? So if you’re feeling demotivated by the “Abs on Fire” video, it’s okay. As long as you even attempt some of the moves, you are making progress. You’re not there YET but if you keep pushing through, you will be there eventually!