Blogilates Beginner’s Workout Calendar 2.0: Day 2

Feb 19, 2016

Disclaimer: This “review”/blog series is NOT sponsored in any way and all opinions are entirely of my own.


Day 2: Abs

Today’s workout is split into two videos. Both target your abs however they vary in difficulty. It’s worth noting that spot reduction (focusing on working out a specific part of your body to lose fat in that one specific area) is a myth. It’s only when your overall body fat percentage lowers that will you see results and they will be present around your whole body and not in just one area. What targeting certain areas does do is help strengthen them but fat will not necessarily be lost there specifically.

Anyway, the day starts off with 10 sit-ups. I have an embarrassing confession to make. I have completely forgotten how to do a sit-up! Well, I remember how it should be done, but I cannot actually do it anymore. The last time I did a sit-up was in middle school. That was nearly six years ago… Maybe it’s because whenever we did sit-ups, we were anchored by someone holding our feet. Even then, I remember it being so hard. So instead, I did a couple of roll-ups because I can somewhat do those.

Video 1: Ab Time!

Onto the first real workout. The first video is considerably “easy” (at least, compared to the second one). Cassey goes through the following exercises:

  • Roll ups: I warmed up with the roll ups but I didn’t mind doing it yet again.
  • The corkscrew: It’s weird because I had a lot of trouble keeping my balance with this one. I found my hips shifting all over the place. It didn’t get tiring but it was just plain hard to do.
  • Oblique dippers: These are like side push-ups on one hand. They feel deceivingly easy because it’s surprisingly easy to do wrong. Cassey gives tips on how to make it harder or easier for you, depending on how you feel.
  • Planks: The dreaded plank… I have zero strength so this was hard. Casey goes through different variations of planking.
  • Elbow to knee plank: I’ve actually done this exercise before, when I used to do Fitness Blender videos! For some reason, it felt especially tougher to them this time around. But I actually enjoy this move. If only I had more room in my bedroom to do it! I had move a couple of furniture around.
  • Knee to chest plank: This is another move that I’m familiar with, due to Fitness Blender. I never liked these and I still don’t like them.

Video 2: 10 Minute Ab Sculpting Workout

The second video is “just” 10 minutes of ab sculpting. I found it extremely hard! At the beginning of the video, Cassey even warns you about the incoming suffering and torture she is about to put you through. Great…

  • Genie twist: This hurt my shoulders because I kept hitting my floor hard. I also felt a little bit silly because it felt like I was just flailing on the floor, haha.
  • Butterfly crunch: I was able to do this one, although I was a lot slower than Cassey in doing it but at least I could do it properly.
  • Crunch cross, straight leg crunch cross, and advanced straight crunch cross: Okay. While doing these, I had to pause the video and lay on my floor for a minute or two to contemplate my life. I’m not even exaggerating. These were the hardest moves in the entire workout for me. My neck hurt a lot doing just two in a row. Probably a sign that I was doing it wrong but still. It’s a struggle for me to keep my shoulders off the floor. Honestly, I did just the regular crunch cross and some of the straight leg crunch cross because the more advance variations were too much for me.
  • V sit-up: These were hard since I can’t even do a regular sit-up but I attempted these as much as I could. I actually felt like I was more capable of doing these over the regular sit-ups except I knew I didn’t have the exact “V” shape that Cassey had.


If you think I complained a lot, you’re right. As someone who doesn’t do much physical activity, I struggled A LOT. I don’t like exercise but it seems to be a necessary evil. This is a journey and hopefully it will get easier as time goes one. Maybe I just need to push myself harder. So if you can’t take my complaining, feel free to avoid reading my fitness posts.

Today was so much harder than yesterday. There were a few easier moves in this day but overall, it was hard! I swore a lot under my breath. It felt like I worked harder but not necessarily better. Tomorrow I think I will put more effort on doing the workout accurately. My downside is that I tried to figure out the moves as Cassey went through the workout. So by the time I had some semblance of what to do, she moves onto the next move. Next time I’ll pause the video and resume it when I feel ready to do so.

I also watch the videos on my phone and it’s kind of hard trying to do the exercise and watch what’s happening. Maybe I should watch them on my laptop? I could technically watch them on the TV as well but I’d rather have the privacy of my own room while I’m doing exercise. I think I must look silly, especially when I’m not doing the workouts properly!

So today was a tough day. Tomorrow will be equally or even more harder but I’ll just brace myself as much as possible.