Blogilates Beginner’s Workout Calendar 2.0: Day 22

Mar 10, 2016

Disclaimer: This “review”/blog series is NOT sponsored in any way and all opinions are entirely of my own.


Day 22: Total Body

I was so close to not doing today’s workout because I came home late from a volunteering gig with a raging head ache. I slept for about four hours and woke up around 10:30. It took me a while to get started with the workout, I didn’t start until 11:15 and I finished at 11:55! Overall, today was pretty hard but the moves are all relatively simple. It’s the repetition and longevity that makes it hard.

Video 1: The Ultimate Hot Body Workout

The video titles for today make me feel a little bit vain… I’m not really doing these exercises for what the title says but just to get more fit! Although, I really am aiming for the flat stomach… So I’m not totally 100% vain free.

  • Eagle: It took me a while to finish this move because I kept pausing. I really felt this one in my abs. It’s probably the hardest move out of the three videos.
  • Bridge Pulses: A relatively easy move. Near the end I was really feeling my hamstrings. Remember to clench your butt or you will not feel anything!
  • Criss Cross/Scissors: Cassey doesn’t really name this move so I’m not sure this is the correct name for it. This is a really boring move to do for more than a minute. The legs were definitely hurting a bit.
  • Half Cobra Pushup: I almost did these nonstop, almost. My heart was pumping with this move! My cardio for the day? This was really hard to do over and over again. My arms were burning with this move!

Video 2: 5 Best Butt Exercises to Sculpt a Cute Booty

I’m not sure if these exercises really “lift” the butt like Cassey says. Do I even want a lifted, firmer butt? Is that a thing to be desired? Well, my butt is pretty flat… Anyway, the moves are also easy in this video. I didn’t have as much trouble with this video compared to the first one.

  • Bridge Pulses (Again): I actually like this move. It’s simple but it burns at the same time. I like the little variations Cassey does to keep it from being too monotonous.
  • Grasshopper: This hurt! But I did it. I’m not sure if I felt more successful with the grasshopper compared to the last time I did these. The last five countdown was a struggle but I chased after it!
  • Heel Kicks: So I lost my balance with this move a couple of times, haha. I liked this move though. I could feel myself kicking lower and lower with each kick so I really had to be conscious of that.
  • Rainbow Butt: I did not feel this move that much. It could be because I didn’t have enough space to do it and couldn’t go to my potential? I’m not sure. But this was another move that I lost my balance with. Maybe I’ll try it later to really feel the burn.

    Video 3: How To do the Splits

Cassey has courage doing these videos in front of the London bridge (I wasn’t really listening so I wasn’t sure if it was the London bridge or if there really is a London bridge). Cassey doesn’t really name her move in this videos so I’ll just talk about it generally. These are pretty good post-workout stretches even if doing the splits aren’t a goal of mine.