Blogilates Beginner’s Workout Calendar 2.0: Day 27

Mar 15, 2016

Disclaimer: This “review”/blog series is NOT sponsored in any way and all opinions are entirely of my own.


Day 27: Total Body

Today is the last day of the beginner’s workout calendar, not including the rest day tomorrow! I think I’ll make a blog post the day after rest day to talk about how the month went. As for today, today was a lot of sweat and groaning! A lot of cardio today, even if it isn’t intensive.

Video 1: Fat Burning Ladder for Toned Thighs and Abs

There is a couple of basic moves done in 45, 30, and 20 second bursts. Thankfully, the moves are pretty doable. The only time I paused was when I had to position my laptop to see the screen properly between moves.

  • Froggy Hop: I did the beginner’s version of this move, solely because I didn’t want to wake up my dad downstairs. This is the least intensive move in this video.
  • Push Up Plank: I hate these so much!!! Halfway through, I had to switch from the advanced to beginner’s version. Push ups are not my area of expertise.
  • Inner Thigh Lunge: I’m not sure if it’s because of yesterday’s workout, but I felt actual pain doing these. I don’t even remember what yesterday’s workout was and if there were a lot of thighs involved…
  • Criss Cross Abs: I’m starting to love and hate this move. There is a lot of this move in today’s workout.

Video 2: Flat Belly Fat Burner

  • In and Out: I just did froggy hop beginner’s version as to not wake up my dad, yet again.
  • Roll Ups: This is my favourite move of all time. It’s fun doing them fast. I still can’t do them without lifting up my legs but my feet are little a little lower each time.
  • Surfers: This is another move I had to modify to be quieter. I just kind of stepped on one leg and spun around fast.
  • Triple Crunch: I really don’t know how to do crunches without straining my neck. In fact, it just feels like I’m straining my neck!
  • Burpees: Yet another move I had to modify. I did the silent burpees plus a mini push up.
  • Double Leg Lifts: I tried really hard to focus on my abs with this move. I definitely felt it.
  • Football Runs: Good thing this move focuses on light feet because I really did not want to wake my dad up.
  • Eagle Abs: how do I do these properly? I’m doing them in a way that I really feel my abs but I’m sure that if someone watched me and then watched Cassey, they would laugh at me, haha!
  • Criss Cross Abs: There is around 2-3 minutes of this move… It’s so hard to do for such a long time! Cassey does add some variation but of course, it’s to challenge us and not to make it monotonous.

Video 3: 6 Minutes to a Sexy Booty

Still debating whether or not I want a “booty” or not. I did the video anyway.

  • Cross Butt Lift: This move is really interesting… I could feel the burn through the entire thing. I also did not do it properly because I just could not make my knee touch the floor.
  • Fire Hydrant: When I first tried this move, it was pretty easy but in this video, after those cross butt lifts, my butt was on fire! Ironic, considering the name of the move, haha.
  • Heel Lift: Oh my legs! And more importantly, oh my butt… The pulses are torturous.