Blogilates Beginner’s Workout Calendar 2.0: Day 5

Feb 22, 2016

Disclaimer: This “review”/blog series is NOT sponsored in any way and all opinions are entirely of my own.


Day 5: Abs

Okay I switched up the preambles in the calendar because apparently I can’t read. Day three I was supposed to plank for 30 seconds, yesterday I was supposed to do the burpees, and today I was supposed to drink an 8 oz of water. Whoops! So I compensated today by not only drinking the water but also doing the plank. I hate planks so much, they hurt! But no pain, no gain, I guess.

Video 1: Total Body Workout

This video is the same video from the first day. Maybe it’s meant as a confidence booster to show how much you’ve progressed over the last five days.

  • Pilates stance: I’ll admit, I still struggle with this but it doesn’t hurt as much and I can feel my abs working more.
  • Roll ups: I love roll ups even though I can’t 100% do them. I did ONE proper roll up without trying to support myself and it made so happy!.
  • Leg stuff: This time around I did more of this without having to rest. Those pyramids are still tough but I can at least make it until that point without resting for a bit.
  • Cobra position: My arms still hate these.
  • Elbow push ups: Less sucky compared to last time but still sucky.
  • Mermaid stretches: This move is so pretty and really easy! Nothing much has changed since the first time I did them.

Video 2: Abs and Butt Workout

I love how Cassey keeps bringing on guests onto her videos so we don’t get tired of her, haha. The guest this time is Rosanna from the YouTube channel Nerd Nummies. Makes sense, a chef should probably try their best to stay healthy. Ro is SO cute.

  • Scissors: These were a pretty easy way to start off a workout, thank goodness! It definitely got my heart pumping.
  • One Leg Crunch: Like Ro, I definitely had to do the easier variant of this move. Crunches/sit ups are so hard for me. I feel like I’m continuously using my neck instead of my abs. How do I used my abs??
  • Roll ups: Thank goodness for roll ups.
  • Balancing Pilates Stances: Also like Ro, I totally struggled with this one. My sense of balance is really off.
  • Fire Hydrant: This one got me tired really fast. My legs were on fire! But it’s all for the butt so I guess it’s okay.
  • Plank Twists: Oh gosh this was hard for me! I kept collapsing to the floor. Planks are not my strong point. I’ll probably have to work on that.


My heart definitely got pumping in this workout! I was slightly disappointed how I wasn’t able to do all of the first video flawlessly but I did feel some improvement. One day, I will get there. I really enjoyed Ro’s prescence in the second video because it was a reminder that not everyone can get the moves right away 100% of the time. Sometimes I forget there are normal people like me doing these videos. I think today was really fun and I can’t wait for tomorrow!