Blogilates Beginner’s Workout Calendar 2.0: Day 6

Feb 23, 2016

Disclaimer: This “review”/blog series is NOT sponsored in any way and all opinions are entirely of my own.


Day 6: Total Body

“Wake up and do 15 crunches.” I did four roll ups instead. And I never do these when I wake up, usually it’s the last thing I do before bed. Not today though!

Video 1: Cardio Warmup

I’m really glad Cassey puts some cardio videos because most of her workouts are focusing on toning and my main goal is to burn fat and not really “bulk” up.

  • Pile Squat: Thank goodness the first workout was relatively easy! It was kind of fun too.
  • Leg Kick: These weren’t bad either.
  • Jumping Jacks and Cross Jack: I cheated a little because I didn’t want to be too loud jumping all over the place.
  • Narrow Squat: These were okay too! I felt weird doing this move, haha.
  • Lunges: Lunges are okay. I’m loving how easy the cardio is.
  • Walking Plank: Planks are my weakness. I struggled with this even though it’s pretty easy.
  • Dancing Dog: These were harder after doing those planks but the burn definitely felt good, strangely.
  • Plank Walker Opener: I could do these, but only at a slower pace. I felt the burn on this one too.
  • Walking Plank: These was hard! Planks, like I said, are my worst moves.
  • Caterpillars: This move is really fun! I kind of left out the push up at the end some times but I really liked this move.

Video 2: 6 Minutes to Sexy Arms

Cassey wasn’t lying when she said that girls don’t really work out their arms. A lot of the comments on this video were (presumably females) complaining about how they didn’t like how their arms were bulkier. Everyone wants to slim and not necessarily get muscly, haha!

  • Arm Circles: “Arm circles of death” is right. These are so hard after some time. Cassey is so perky during this workout and I couldn’t stop swearing, haha. I wish I could have her attitude whenever I workout.
  • Pushers: This looks easy but if you do it right (which I’m pretty sure I did), it will BURN. Even Cassey comments on the burn that she feels. Arms are so hard to do!
  • Chest Press Pulse: Why do these look so easy but are so hard to do?? I kept fighting the urge to open up my elbows in this video. Cassey switches it up with the frequency of the pulses which kind of keeps your mind off how much longer you have.

Video 3: 9 Steps to doing the Splits

I don’t really care to learn how to do the splits so I mostly skipped this video but did try some of the stretches here. Maybe I’ll use them for my spin class!


Today was KILLER on the arms! And my upper body was super sore from yesterday as well. I think pain = progress? I’m not sure. I’m glad this workout was really hard but I still managed to do really well and push through most of the moves. I’m really looking forward to rest day tomorrow!

Usually I do these around 11 pm but today I found myself with an hour and managed to do it once I got home from school. The whole week last week, I was off of school due to reading week so I had more than enough time to do these. I’m a little worried that now school is starting back up again, I might be able to stay on track. I hope not! I might resort to doing half of the workout in the morning and half in the afternoon. We’ll see what will happen.