Blogilates Beginner’s Workout Calendar 2.0: Day 10

Feb 27, 2016

Disclaimer: This “review”/blog series is NOT sponsored in any way and all opinions are entirely of my own.


Day 10: Abs

The day starts off with two thirty second planks on each side. How I hate planks… But I did it anyway, even if I cheated for a couple seconds on each. There’s only one new video today and I decided that I wouldn’t list all the moves for the other videos again in the interest of time and because I don’t really have anything to say about specific moves.

Video 1: Ab Time

This video is so simple and without graphics, it’s so weird now that I’m used to her more recent videos! The moves are considerably easier this time around. I was able to do the plank and plank variations which made me pretty happy!

Video 2: Bubble Butt Workout

I’m a little skeptical on the whole butt thing (is lifting my butt a good thing even if I have absolutely no butt?) but I did this workout anyway. I was able to go through this entire video without cheating. The grasshopper move at the end is still pretty hard for me. I’m getting bonier and my hips hurt being pushed to the ground… Otherwise, I think my butt is on it’s way to become a butt!

Video 3: Best Stretches for Chilling Out

These stretches feel so good afterwards! Early in the day I got a Charliehorse in one leg and almost in the other so I didn’t push myself as much as I could have. I just hate cramping up. Obviously I need to do more stretches and drink more water.


Today was an overall good day! In the morning I went to my spin class. We had a different instructor today and he worked us HARD. But the things he did were so fun and really did include some familiar pilates moves. A lot of working out in my core. However, the post stretch workout gave me a Charlie horse in my right leg and it was pretty sore until the evening. I also spent a good amount of the day walking around as I walked to the clinic to see a doctor (nothing serious, don’t worry).

The Blogilates workouts today was definitely a feel good motivator. It’s great seeing some sort of progress. Maybe that means tomorrow will be especially hard! I’m expecting to receive the March calendar soon so maybe I’ll do them in parallel and see if that ramps up the difficulty. It makes me a little nervous knowing how the workouts can get harder. Some of the days seem so hard already! Well, I guess I just gotta push through.