BloWriMo & Rooster Teeth Extra Life 2013 (Image Heavy)

Nov 3, 2013

November is NaNoWriMo1. I know I will never be able to participate in NaNoWriMo. So I’m going to do BloWriMo: Blog Writing Month (which was technically last month, oops). Really lame, I know, but writing everyday is doable but at the same time, challenging. I’m aiming for at least 500 words everyday. Yesterday I only did around 440 words but that’s because I did not know that I was doing this. I just came up with this five minutes ago. Thankfully (according to Google) I am not alone in this.

X-Ray2 mourning the loss of his glasses.

Right now I’m watching the Rooster Teeth Extra Life stream. They are participating in a 25 hour event where they play games and raise money while doing it. They started 8:00am Austin, Texas time and by 5:00pm they reached $50,000 USD! I would donate myself but I don’t have a credit card. It’s pretty entertaining. Basically a really long podcast except they just play games while talking. They rotate out with Rooster Teeth3 staff and I just love listening to them talk. It’s even greater when they bring in staff that don’t appear on camera because they are just as awesome as the staff that are in videos all the time.

As well as playing games on the Extra Life stream, they gave away headsets, controllers, and other goodies. At the same time they also accepted donations from selling posters at $10 each (over 10,000 sold so far at 9:00pm). At some milestones, they did “crazy” things. In the first picture in this post, you can see Ray sporting his surperhero suit. Below, you can see Michael4 eating 12 lava cakes. Spoiler alert: he did it. I wanted to throw up but he threw up after so same thing? Also, they answered a lot of questions from Twitter. They even answered one of my questions5: What’s the best way to get started in the RT community? The answer was actually very helpful, by the way. Caiti6 recommended signing up for the RT site and setting up your feed so that you can get real-time updates from all the users on the site, AKA the “Everyone” tab on the homepage. That way you can comment on whatever interests you and hopefully make friends by interacting with other people’s content. I did not know about this and it absolutely blew my mind. Have yet to make any friends on the RT site using this method, yet. My time will come… One day. My big problem is that I don’t frequent the site enough to do so. I don’t have much time lurk around the site and comment. I’ll have to get over that sooner or later.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve been watching a lot of Rooster Teeth. Until recently, I would watch all of the videos that they release, including the ones on their Let’s Play channel but lately, I’ve been more selective. So many videos, so little time! In the words of Lindsay Tuggey, “I could never watch all of these [cats] in one lifetime.” I just find the gals and guys at Rooster Teeth so lovable. It would be really cool to go to RTX one day but for now… Yeah, that’s not happening.

Also, it’s all pictures from here on out. I got tired of screen-capping at around 12:00pm Austin time. Also, @RyanTheTwit 2013 never forget. <3


Vav 7 dancing for some unknown reason.

Michael eating his last lava cake. What a trooper.

Michael getting his hair shaved in between X-Ray & Vav.

Look at all of his beautiful hair. :(


Poor Gav was forced to drink a teaspoon of hot sauce... It's worse than it sounds.

"That's something that should have a Brazzers logo." —Burnie on Gav drinking milk

  • National Novel Writing Month  
  • Ray Narvaez Jr.’s superhero alter ego  
  • An entertainment company specializing in shorts and gaming videos  
  • Michael “Rage Quit” Jones  
  • Blaine the intern saw my tweet, mentioned it to the crew, and favourited it. Yes.  
  • In charge of the Rooster Teeth Australia store  
  • Gavin Free’s superhero alter ego