Book Blogger Hop #24

Feb 23, 2018

Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme run by Coffee Addicted Writer. Every Friday, a question is posted for the book blog community to discuss. This week’s question is…

Do you read hardcovers with the dust jacket on or off? Why or why not?

Sometimes, I don’t have a choice. A good number of books I read are from the library. If a hardcover has a dust jacket, it’s gauranteed that the dust jacket is taped to the covers. Surprisingly, I don’t find this uncomfortable at all and I pay little to no attention to it. I think it’s because the dust jackets are also enveloped in clear plastic so it makes the jacket sturdy. Plus the tape keeps it from spontaneously falling off or bending.

If I do have the choice, I would rather read without the dust jacket. It’s very awkward to hold with a dust jacket and I’m constantly having to fiddle with it. I’m also a little bit particular about the condition of my books and I would focus too much on not damaging the dust jacket. It’s just too distracting to read a book with a dust jacket!

Now, if I’m displaying my books on a bookshelf I’m a little bit more torn.

I love how a bare hardcover book looks like on a shelf. There is something about the simplicity of the spine that just makes me so pleased. If I could, I would convert all of my books to hardcover just for those elegant spines.

However, if the book has a dust jacket, I would most likely keep the dust jacket on if it will be sitting on my shelf. As much as I enjoy pleasing aesthetics, I also value posterity. Where would I even put the dust jacket if I were to display the book without one? I couldn’t ever bear to throw it away.

Reading a book without a dust jacket is a no brainer for me but displaying books without one is a dilemma.

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