Book Blogger Hop #35

May 11, 2018

Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme run by Coffee Addicted Writer. Every Friday, a question is posted for the book blog community to discuss. This week’s question is…

Could you ever pick a favorite book or is it like choosing your favorite child?

I don’t like comparing books to children. It’s impossible for me to be impartial to a book. Every book deserves to be judged, simply because it exists. To me, there are books that are obviously better than others and for different reasons.

That being said, a lot of my favourite books that come to mind are books from my childhood. Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke is one that stands out. I loved fantasy and dragons and adventure when I was younger. It made me want to craft my own fantasy worlds and made me dream about the impossible. That was where my love for writing really began and I wanted to be able to immerse myself in writing fiction.

When I became a little bit more older, I fell in love with Janey’s Girl by Gayle Friesen. It was a lovely coming of age story that portrayed both family and romantic relationships with a touch of tragedy in such a way that was so heartfelt.

Then I started reading a lot of manga (Japanese comic books or graphic novels). There have been a lot of manga series that have impacted me in many different ways, good and bad. A lot of aspects of my personality have been (unfortunately) drawn from these manga. But out of all of the manga I’ve read, my favourite series have to be Bokura ga Ita by Yuki Obata. It is one of the most melodramatic, unhealthy portrayal of romance ever but it is my guiltiest pleasure. The innocence of seeing this first love unfold will never cease to be heartbreaking to me. I love this series so much.

As for my number one favourite book, that one is easy. Vilette by Charlotte Brontë.

There are no words I have for this book. It gets as close as any book can to my version of the perfect story. Lucy Snowe has just captured my heart and my soul, and after almost a month of not touching this book, her grip on me is as tight as ever. Needless to say, I wish I had read Jane Eyre before reading this. That way, I wouldn’t be setting myself up for failure with Jane Eyre.
— My review of Vilette, November 2013

I love the Brontë sisters and I’ve read most of their works. I read Vilette before I ever read Jane Eyre and I’m glad I did (despite what my review said, when I did eventually read Jane Eyre, I liked it quite a lot). Many people accuse Vilette of being a Jane Eyre or The Professor carbon copy. There are smilarities between them all but Brontë’s execution of it is near perfect. I could rant forever about Vilette. It is my number one favourite book of all time.

My favourite line will always echo in my heart.

You are good, you are beautiful; but you are not mine.

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