Busting Out My Fountain Pen Again

Jul 29, 2019

I received a letter from a pen pal that I wrote to a long time ago. He is a prisoner serving a life sentence in the States. I stopped writing him when my parents found out I was writing such a person. When I moved out, I wrote him a quick card asking if he’d still want to write. A couple months went by and I figured that was a no. I knew he had recently got married (from prison, yes, I know, I know) and was content knowing that maybe he had gotten life together a bit more in there. Surprisingly, one day I opened my mailbox to see the tell-tale envelope with the red “Prison Generated Mail” stamped sitting there. I had forgotten how nice it was to receive a letter from someone.

This prompted me to want to pick up the pen again and start writing letters.

I always love to write letters with a fountain pen. Although I don’t have anything fancy like a flex pen, it still is beautiful writing with a fountain pen.

I had bought a Muji fountain pen in a Muji store in New York last year and used it quite a lot. However, the nib is really fine (as to be expected with Japanese pens, they love their fine nibs) and I figured I was in the market for another pen.

One day after work I hauled myself to REID’s, a local stationery store in Calgary. I have seen their LAMY Safari ads on bus stop benches all around the city and I came in pretty sure knowing I would come out with a LAMY Safari.

The woman who helped me pulled out a bunch of pens. I tried them all. The LAMY Safari just felt too big in my hand. I was immediately drawn to the Faber-Castell Neo Slim. It was on the pricier side but I loved the weight of it. My Muji fountain pen is a bit heavy compared to my first fountain pen (the Pilot Kakuno) and I preferred the heavier weight.

So I bought it.

A really fancy box

Faber-Castell Neo Slim

I also bought some ink… Some.

Left to Right: Graf Von Faber-Castell Olive Green, J. Herbin Scented Rouge, J. Herbin Violette Pensee, LAMY Rhodonite

At REID’s I bought Graf Von Faber-Castell Olive Green cartridges. I was going to buy a second set of cartridges but I foolishly told myself, “it’s alright, you only need one colour and this seems like a nice colour.” And it is a nice colour! I love the different tones in this one. But I was not satisfied with just one colour…

My Muji pen is pretty scratchy. I’m still not used to writing with it. The ink is pretty dry with this pen.

Graf Von Faber-Castell Olive Green

I bought the J. Herbin inks on an impulse. I was browsing around an art store and found a bunch of inks. The scented boxes were too pretty to pass up. I haven’t used the J. Herbin Scented Encre Rogue (Parfum Rose) just yet. I do, however, have the J. Herbin Violette Pensee in my Neo Slim right now.

A lot of people say that this is a pretty boring colour. True enough, the gradient isn’t super apparent with this one. But I love watching it dry. It comes out a lot more pinker when wet but then dries to this violet-purple. And it’s really wet on my Neo Slim which is great.

J. Herbin Violette Pensee

At the same art store I saw they were selling Platinum Preppy pens… So I bought one. In my defense, they’re super cheap! And I like the nip on it too. I got a 03 (fine) sized nib. I think fine is a good size. Medium would have been too much.

Platinum Preppy Black

Lastly, I went to Madison + Page for the LAMY Rhodonite. The woman at the desk helped me pick the perfect shade of pink. I even bought a converter because she convinced me bottled ink is the way to go. She also personally recommended this ink and I am in love with it! I wish I could write in pink more, haha.

This is in my Stalogy 365 B6 notebook with my Muji fountain pen. This ink works much nicer with this pen than the Faber-Castell Olive Green. I do think pens that have a bigger nib are for me, though.

LAMY Rhodonite

Anyway. That’s my update on the fountain pen front. I hope that I’ll be writing many, many, many letters with these fountain pens!