But Seriously Though. AJ is perfect.

Nov 28, 2013

AJ reminds me of Kemal. As much as I’d hate to say it, that’s the number one reason why I find AJ so attractive. He’s like the Korean version of Kemal. Also, I’d rather fangirl over AJ than be madly crushing on a guy who probably thinks I’m an idiot and who I haven’t seen in almost a year.

However, I saw Kemal on campus a while ago and I realized how much they don’t really look like each other. Just the overall idea of their faces are similar. I think Kemal is more handsome while AJ is more pretty boy cute. They both have beautifully cheekbones though. :( I’m a sucker for nice cheekbones…

It’s probably my memory being rusty but I feel like they have similar accents too. Kemal’s accent is more Russian and thicker. But they sound very similar! When I watch their lips, they both make the same movements when they speak. It’s freaky. I need to hang out with Kemal again to really get a good comparison of the two.

But seriously though. AJ is perfect.

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