Dec 3, 2011

This morning was a great morning! Most band practices aren’t that exciting but this one was pretty good. We played the opener and the second song of the show. In marching band, the members run around a football field making pretty shapes while playing their instruments. Those 11 minutes of organized chaos is what we call a show. At my highschool we have a marching band. I’m in band but I don’t march because of money and time issues. Back to the point. We played the first two songs of the show. It was absolutely beautiful.

The first song has a wonderful melody. It’s a version of some song that’s commonly played at weddings (not the wedding march, haha) but the name escapes me at the moment. At the beginning, we play these chords and WOW do we play it good. I got goosebumps, no joke. The crescendos were just so impressive. It was one of those you had to be there moments.

The second song is completely different from the first. It was fast, chaotic, and full of disorder. I love it. The contrast was startling but it was just so musical. After playing for a bit, our band instructor started describing what they would be doing on the field during the songs. I’m not even marching the show but I was extremely excited for some reason. I can’t wait to see how the show will turn out in the summer.

I wrote a physics test on Tuesday. A miracle must have happened because I got my test back today and I got an 85% on it. I was sure I failed because I did not have any confidence at all while writing it. I’m so glad I’m not writing the final exam for physics 20.

This weekend, I plan to study for all my subjects. Today is my lazy day because I believe everyone deserves a lazy day.

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