Cookie Icing Charades

Jan 16, 2017

The Game

Take turns to ice an object or living being onto a cookie. Everyone guesses what that person iced onto the cookie. There are no winners, just a bunch of people having fun and joking around about their lack of (or possession of) artistic ability.

The Background

Over the holidays I was baking brownies and cookies with my cousins. The brownies had left over frosting so we decided to ice the cookies with cool designs. I attempted to ice a snowflake onto my cookie and my cousin asked me incredulously what the heck was I doing. When I told him that I was frosting a snowflake, he laughed and wanted to try to ice something as well. It quickly turned into a game where we tried to guess what each other made.

The challenge was the fact that the cookies melted the frosting, the frosting was runny, and we weren’t professional cookie decorators. Nevertheless, it was a fun little baking session and there was a lot of laughs!

Our Cookies

Here’s what we came up with. In case you can’t figure it out, here’s a legend (left to right, top to bottom): test (AKA nothing), test, snowflake, wreath, baby Jesus, present, candles, Santa hat, manger, sleigh, Christmas tree, bell, glass of milk, candy cane, holly, Santa, snowman, star, angel, elf, stocking, poinsettia, fireplace, cookies.

Yes, those are pre-cut cookies

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