Crochet Along Together #1: Easy as 1-2-3 Cowl (Part 1)

Feb 25, 2017

The fine folks at Skacel Knitting are hosting a series they call “Crochet Along Together” or “CAT” for short. They post videos throughout the month to walk you through the project. A draw is also held after the project is finished.

March CAT

This is their very first installment and is geared towards (but not limited to) beginners to crochet. The project for this months is the Easy As 1-2-3 Cowl which is a three colour cowl.


  • 3 skeins of HiKoo ® Simplicity yarn each different colours
  • 1 4mm corchet hook (size F in addi® or size G in other brands)
  • 1 locking stitch marker
  • 1 darning/tapestry needle

Why I’m joining

This is perfect timing for me to enter the crochet world. I had been interested in crochet for a couple of months after my SO received a cute crocheted Yoshi as a present and after seeing a couple of people busting out their crochet hooks in lectures. This definitely goes with my “find a hobby” quest that I have for myself. My SO actually suggested I try knitting but I was a little more drawn to the cute crocheted toys that I so often see. In general, I like how crochet results in something a little more concrete and physical. It seems like a good way to keep my hands busy and give some trinkets to family, friends, and people in need.