Crochet Haul #2: Cheap Crochet Set

Feb 28, 2017

Since I’m just starting out with crocheting, I bought a somewhat cheap crochet set on Amazon. I’m hesitant to buy high end luxury tools if I’m not even sure I want to continue crocheting. I do think it would be a worthy hobby to take part in!

The case itself is seriously cute. The brand seems to be Merrywindix but I can’t quite tell. It’s a lot smaller than I expected which is great, that means it’s extremely portable.

Once you open the case, the crochet hooks and a gauge are all laid out neatly and in the middle is a detachable pouch containing smaller items.

Here is the open case with the pouch removed, if you so choose.

Inside the removable pouch there are a couple of useful items such as stitch markers, foldable scissors, a magnifying glass (how cute!), measuring tape, yarn needles, and two contraptions I don’t know what they are quite yet.

If you need to know any additional information about the case, let me know! I know I’m looking forward to using it.

Category: Crafts
Tags: #crochet #crochet haul