Crochet Haul #4: HiKoo Simplicity

Mar 15, 2017

I made a post about participating in Crochet Along Together (CAT) to make a three colour cowl and the yarn I ordered for the project finally arrived! It was good timing too because the event started the next day. I was getting a little worried that it wouldn’t arrive in time.

Despite the discount I got on the yarn due specifically to the CAT (the CAT was sponsored by this brand, I think), it was kind of pricey for me. Mind you, this is definitely due to the fact that the Canadian dollar is doing so shitty right now. Also, I’m speaking from a broke university student perspective, ~$40 is a lot to spend on three small-ish skeins of yarn. The shipping and the conversion is really what hit me the most. But I shouldn’t complain because the yarn looks great.

Seriously, they are absolutely gorgeous. Funnily enough, the colours were arranged exactly how I wanted them to be. I feel like these colours fit very well together and I love blue and orange combinations.

What’s Pictured

  • HiKoo Simplicity Sage Green
  • HiKoo Simplicity Aqua Mint
  • HiKoo Simplicity Chili Orange
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Tags: #crochet #crochet haul