Day 1 of Summer School

Jul 6, 2011

Yesterday I started summer school. I said before that I had to take Religion 35 because it’s required to graduate and I have no room in my schedule for it next year. So, yesterday I woke up at 6:30 AM sharp, ate my breakfast, changed, and dashed out the door. Usually the first day of school isn’t intimidating but for some reason, the first day of summer school was extremely nerve wrecking. Students from all highschools in my city go to my school for summer school. A lot of my friends are in marching band and are currently in the US right now so I barely know anyone there.

A lot of the kids used the main entrance to go into the school and I was the only one (that I saw) who used the side doors to get in. I got a couple of weird looks as I did but I shrugged it off. I guess there’s not a lot of kids who go to my school who are going to summer school. So, I make my way to the foyer and the teachers are rounding up everyone into the gym. I walk in and see the bleachers filled with kids and I have no idea where to sit. Once I reached the end of the gym, I turned around to see someone I knew. Ah, I was filled with relief when I saw her. So we sat down, talked about our short 2 week break, what we’re taking, etc.

Then the principal of summer school came and talked about rules, expectations, etc. Then he started to call out the classes by name. I hear Religion 15, and Religion 25 but not Religion 35. Maybe my hearing’s going, but I swear I did not hear him say Religion 35. I tag along with this kid who I know is in my Religion 35 class and follow him to our class. We were a little bit late but it was the first day so it didn’t matter.

My teacher (I’ll call him Mr. W) is extremely nice. He has a dry sense of humour (it’s so dry that it’s absolutely hilarious) and can actually teach. My past religion teachers have been nothing but weird experiences. One was so creepy that all of his students (I mean all of his students) think he’s a pedophile, another made us watch movies all the time (not to say that I don’t like movies, but I didn’t learn a thing!), and the other one liked to talk about sex even though we weren’t doing the family life unit. Yeah, I kinda prefer Mr. W over all of them.

So the day ended with a couple of questions for homework and a part 1 of a project to finish. Currently I am finishing up part 2 of said project. Actually, I’m procrastinating but I say I did a lot so I’m “taking a break”.

To get my mind off of school, I came across an amazing song. I’m a Tumblr addict and I got my friend to intervene for me. Tumblr is my number one spot for finding out news about my favourite band, DIR EN GREY, as a lot of the people I follow are fellow Diru (as I affectionately call the band) fans. Recently they released a single and I totally did not know. It was a while ago as well, and I was deeply disappointed in myself. Their new song is called DIFFERENT SENSE. I absolutely love it. I can’t put their music in any genre because they are so diverse. I’d say it would be some type of metal. Metal core? Progressive? Sludge metal? I don’t even know. All I know is that DIR EN GREY’s music is amazing.

Little warning. Some questionable content in this music video. Watch at your own risk.
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