Day One of University

Sep 5, 2012

Today was my first day of orientation week! While it was fun, I found that it was lacking a bit somehow. I guess I’ll just have to see how it’ll pan out for the rest of the week. Hopefully it’ll be better than today.

It was hectic. I left the house at 7:24 got on the train around 7:40 and got there around 8:20. I was early but apparently too early. No one was there. Like hardly anyone! I wandered over to the engineering building after being semi-lost and thankfully (after a few minutes) orientation leaders began to show up.

Deanne (a girl who posted on the group page a lot) and I were the first ones from our group there. Our leader came soon-ish though. His name Hasheem or something but he said we could just call him “H.” Dylan quickly came soon after.

After the majority of our group showed up, we learned our engineering chant for the pep rally, we’re given orange shirts (orange for engineers apparently), did some ice breaker games, and went off to the Oval. Lots of people. Lots. Of. People. Arts has a ton of people in it, I was surprised. Poor Kinesiology though. Maybe less than ten rows of them.

The rally involved lots of screaming but engineers are seriously lacking the spirit LIKE COME ON!

The whole pep rally was pretty cool though.

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