Digital Planning Just Doesn’t Work For Me

Mar 11, 2014

I grew up on the Internet. At the end of elementary school, I already had my own e-mail, posted on forums, ran my own forums, learned HTML and PHP, created my own websites, went on YouTube daily, etc. I was a little late to the first touch screen smartphones (just got one almost one year ago) but I had my iPod touch for years and that was all I needed. I played games, listened to music, and downloaded apps like crazy. I used almost all of my apps extensively, except for the calendar and diary apps. In fact, I hardly ever touched them! I always reverted to pen and paper when it came to planning.

This was pretty surprising, to me, at least. If I were to be separated from technology (especially the Internet), I would become irrational and illogical to the point where something bad might happen. Okay, I might be exaggerating but I would definitely not be a happy camper! Despite this, I can’t plan with apps!

I even downloaded sleek and beautifully designed apps like Awesome Calendar, specific to my needs apps like Pocket Schedule (which is geared towards university students), really cute Korean apps like Canimals Diary (it had a cute menstruation tracker, I wish I actually used it). None of them worked! I used them for about a day to set up everything with glee and excitement. When something came up, I didn’t go to the app, I just kept going back to my Mead agenda.

Just what was it about planning on my devices that didn’t work?

Personally, I think my mind doesn’t associate my phone/iPod with “planning.” When I think about them, I think “music”, “games”, “Internet”, “texting”, and “videos.” I use my devices mostly as a form of entertainment and to pass time. It will never become a tool for planning for me. That mental link between “phone” and “planner” was just not meant to be.

That being said, I do use technology to aid my productivity regularly. However, I don’t set reminders on my phone since everything I need to remember goes into my Filofax. Instead, I schedule my day into hour long blocks, and to indicate the passage of time, I use alarm apps to go off every hour. I love using my iPod as an alarm clock because I can wake up and end/start a task with my favourite songs! However, that’s pretty much all it does for me in terms of planning.

Also, there’s something about a paper planner that is so satisfying. I tend to remember things better when I right them down, and I can right them down exactly the way I want1 without any hassle. With the addition of a Filofax, I can tailor my planning to me and only me. I don’t have to “settle” and I can always change things to my liking.

Maybe one day I will able to use technology as my main form of planning, but right now, I’m content with where I am and wouldn’t ever dream of going digital!

  • Although, I have yet to perfect the art of drawing a perfect checkbox.  
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